Marine Le Pen heckled during her first trip to Guadeloupe

They were only about thirty, but they achieved their goal: to disrupt Marine Le Pen’s visit to Guadeloupe. Chanting “Le Pen, déwò! (“Le Pen, get out!”), activists presented as belonging to several Guadeloupean nationalist organizations burst into the hotel where the candidate of the National Rally (RN) was staying on the evening of Saturday March 26, while she was recording a program which was to be broadcast on France Télévisions.

Videos, posted by protesters on social networks, show the former president of the RN, protected by her bodyguard and evacuating to another room with her entourage, under whistles and invectives in Creole. The intrusion of independence activists into this four-star establishment in Le Gosier, in the suburbs of Pointe-à-Pitre, also prevented a live interview with the candidate from being held on the public channel Guadeloupe La 1.timescheduled for the 7:30 p.m. television news. “There were no real clashes or violence, but rather intimidation vis-à-vis Marine Le Pen”, indicated, on the air, Alain Petit, the editor-in-chief of the chain, who was on the spot but could not meet his interlocutor.

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“This land is full of the blood of slaves”, recalled, facing the cameras, René Sainte-Rose, spokesperson for the Alyans Nasyonal Gwadloup (ANG), an extreme left-wing autonomist movement, accusing “the ideological ancestors of Marine Le Pen, Eric Zemmour, and (Nicolas) Dupont-Aignan” to have established slavery in the French colonies. “Marine Le Pen is a symbol for us”, continued the activist, hammering that “far right ideas are not ideas, they are crimes”, and must be treated “like cancer”.

Macron said he was “shocked”

The outgoing president, Emmanuel Macron, questioned on Sunday on France 3, declared himself “shocked” over there “completely unacceptable scene” the disruption of the recording of Marine Le Pen’s broadcast. These facts “shock me and I condemn them in the strongest terms”reacted the Head of State, denouncing “all forms of violence” in the political debate in the run-up to the presidential election. “It is the actions of far left militants, the local “black blocks”, which rot everything, regardless of the territory of the Republic where they operate, unfortunately”said the candidate’s spokesperson, Julien Odoul, on Sunday morning on Franceinfo.

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