Marta Sánchez confesses what life was like for Paz, her sister who died young

It is clear that Marta Sánchez continues to succeed wherever she goes, just as she did at the beginning of her artistic career. The singer offers a large number of concerts on the occasion of her Brillar tour, both in different places in Spain and internationally, for example, there are some Latin American countries.

As shown in his profile ofInstagramthe truth is that the interpreter of It is me live a good professional moment. The composer, in addition to having the luxury of following the canon in the field of music, is also the image of some brands, among which there is Ausonia. For Marta Sánchez it is very important to support this brand, because every year she collaborates with the Spanish Association Against Cancer with the aim of researching this disease. Unfortunately, she herself had to suffer because of this cancer, as it was the disease from which her twin sister, Paz Sánchez, lost her life.

Just now, the singer, who doesn't usually talk about her private life, has revealed more details about this person so special to her.

Marta Sánchez excited


  1. Marta Sánchez opens up about her sister Paz
  2. The private life of Marta Sánchez exposed

Marta Sánchez opens up about her sister Paz

Last Saturday, October 15, Marta Sánchez attended the event organized by Ausonia, the brand she has collaborated with for many years. On this occasion, the reason for the celebration was the 15th anniversary of the union that this brand has with the Spanish Association Against Cancer. Likewise, this year's motto was '15 years closer'.

A cause for which the artist is once again an ambassador. "I consider myself a godmother of these initiatives that Ausonia has been organizing for fifteen years. I think it's one of my obligations in life: to be here and make visible the effort made by the Association and the company", she said proudly.

"It is my grain of sand, which, together with many others, make a mountain. A lot of support is needed and I am clear that the fact that she is well-known serves to make people aware", he explained. The truth is that Marta Sánchez assured that she wants to "manifest and convey that annual reviews are necessary, whether yes or no". We remember that her twin sister, Paz Sánchez, died in 2004 precisely because of breast cancer.

"It was always 'la pupes'. He had acute hepatitis, he was very ill. And one bad day they gave us the news you never want to hear. She had a tumor in her breast and when they operated on her, they didn't clean it well and it went to the lymph nodes. I still get excited every time I remember it and explain it," he revealed. Paz Sánchez died at the age of 38 after a long battle with cancer that was diagnosed in 2001.

Thanks to the collaboration of Marta Sánchez and thousands of other people, Ausonia has managed to donate more than 2.5 million euros for breast cancer research.

The private life of Marta Sánchez exposed

The truth is that these statements by Marta Sánchez have considerably surprised everyone because she doesn't usually talk about her privacy. As she herself comments, she is in a "very good personal moment, super stable, doing only what I want and with whom I want".

Her 19-year-old daughter has decided to stay away from her mother's fame and studies Design. "He doesn't want to be a public figure. She never says she is Marta Sánchez's daughter," he revealed.

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