Massiel reveals who Rosa Benito was pregnant with and the baby's illness

Massiel is one of the most controversial characters in our country. The singer has always shown that she doesn't have any problems getting involved in any controversy and giving her opinion. The artist has earned his niche within the small screen. However, this audacity has gotten him into some legal trouble.

Massiel will go down in history for being one of the few Spanish representatives who won the Eurovision Song Contest. Although music has always been his passion, his facet as a talkative person on television has been the one that has exploded the most lately.

Over the last few years, Massiel has collaborated on various television programs and his controversial statements never go unnoticed.

  1. Massiel and his controversial words against Rosa Benito
  2. Massiel forceful with Rociíto

Massiel and his controversial words against Rosa Benito

Social networks often function as a newspaper archive, especially Twitter. Yes, because, from time to time, very controversial statements by figures in our society return to the media spotlight.

And this is exactly what has happened with a controversial interview of Massiel al Luxuriousin 2014. The user 'Holly Glamour' rescued the incendiary words of the performer, where he threw a poisonous dart towards Rosa Benito.

Close-up of Massiel


Massiel commented on how the collaborator ended up marrying Amador Mohedano: "Rosa Benito he got married in prison in 1977. I went to the christening of his children, Chayo and his brother. The one with 'leg problems', with my son Aitor in his arms. And we have photos of each other in the Jury...».

After this statement, it is felt Maria Patiño exclaim: "Oops, but he has never acknowledged it". These statements come, when then Mila Ximenez asks him about his relationship with Rocío Jurado. Which according to Massiel, was much narrower than the one he had Rosa Benito.

The 'tweet' quickly spread like wildfire and accumulated countless interactions. And Massiel has always shown that her pulse has not trembled when explaining the things she herself has experienced.

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Massiel forceful with Rociíto

The relationship between Rocío Carrasco and Massiel is totally useless. Especially, after the singer had to compensate him with 60,000 euros for some controversial statements made a few years ago. This was one of the hardest episodes for the artist.

But, recently, the singer of La la la returned to the public eye after speaking out about the new docu-series of Pedro Carrasco's daughter.

Photomontage by Rocío Carrasco and Massiel

| Canva / Europa Press

Rociíto dedicated a few words to Massiel in his docu-series about this episode: "Massiel was only a mere marionette of being (Antonio David). She decided to let herself be fooled by him", he said. After that, the singer was asked about Carrasco's new statements, to which she responded.

"I don't talk about this issue, I talk about serious and credible stories, nothing more", concluded Massiel. Since 2009, and after the lawsuit, the relationship between the two faded away, despite the great friendship that Massiel had with Rocío Jurado.

Massiel's conviction was a very hard blow for her, since she never wanted to speak out, although many pointed out that for her it was one of her worst stages. Without going further, the same Rosa Benito he spoke about this a couple of months ago on the program of It's already noon.

"I know that for Massiel this was the worst. It was a very hard time, I know he had a hard time. She had to sell one of her properties to pay for this, it was a moment when she saw herself alone", said Rosa.

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