Máximo Huerta's boyfriend appears after learning of his delicate state of health

Max Horta he is determined to make the most of every minute of his life after the terrible health scare that took him days ago. The writer, much more recovered, is now going through one of his best moments with a very special person. Her partner, a handsome brunette who has been by her side in bad times and with whom she has shared a beautiful tradition.

The Valencian wanted to brag about his relationship in front of his fans, taking advantage of the day of the Valencian Community. On the ninth of last October, Máximo officially introduced his boyfriend, taking advantage of the fact that in Valencia it is also Sant Donís, the patron saint of lovers.

  1. Máximo Huerta presents his partner
  2. Máximo Huerta celebrates love after the health crisis

Máximo Huerta presents his partner

Máximo has spent a weekend of celebration. As a good Valencian, on Sunday he enjoyed a tradition that has been celebrated for centuries in the Valencian Community. It is Saint Donís, the patron saint of lovers in Valencia, who is celebrated with the traditional Mocadorà, sweets made of marzipan that imitate fruits and vegetables, and which lovers give to each other with a handkerchief.

Photo by Máxim Horta


The writer took advantage of this day to claim his love for Juan Castillo, his current partner. "October 9 is the day of the Valencian Community and also that of Sant Donís, patron saint of lovers", explains a Instagram. "And this is how we walk @byjuancastillo", he added with a photo where the two of them went out together.

The former Minister of Culture does not usually publish many photos of his life with Juan. To find some you have to go to last summer, when he shared a snapshot hugging him and a drawing of an anchor.

Both Huerta and Juan are not very good at flooding the networks with moments as a couple, but they have always been very present in their publications. In a subtle way, they have shown that their relationship is very strong and that they have been together for a long time.

In addition, the writer's partner is his biggest fan and enjoys every work that the Valencian publishes. He takes pride in his work and shares the same passion for reading and idyllic romantic travel.

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Máximo Huerta celebrates love after the health crisis

Máximo is smiling again after the health problems he had a few weeks ago. During an interview with conferenceshe confessed how bad he was during these days after communicating his delicate situation to his followers. "I'm old, I have asthma and it turned into bronchitis and lack of oxygen in the blood," he confessed.

Last September 23, Máximo went to the emergency room at the hospital after he started to feel bad and had difficulty breathing. He canceled all the events he had scheduled alerting his followers that something was wrong. "I trust the doctor and the evolution of the disease: antibiotics, bronchodilators, oxygen", he informed the networks. Fortunately Huerta managed to recover, otherwise, he had the firm conviction that he would not stay in the hospital.

Photo by Máxim Horta


His biggest worry was not about his health, but about how his mother would be, of whom he is very dependent. "I didn't stay in the hospital, I have to take care of my mother because she is the most important," he pointed out. "I'm bad, but my mother is worse, her health comes first", he reiterated.

Currently, Máximo is much better from the bronchitis he suffered and remains focused on obligations. Always attentive to his mother, he also has time to enjoy moments together with his partner.

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