McKinsey’s 957,000-euro mission to the National Pension Fund

Sitting in the Senate, October 13, 2020.

McKinsey consultants are so discreet that they manage to go almost unnoticed in the structures where they work. At the National Old-Age Insurance Fund (CNAV), a large part of the staff was unaware, until recently, that the tricolor subsidiary of the American firm had been entrusted with a mission in this institution. The pot of roses was discovered during the work of the senatorial commission of inquiry which issued a report on March 17 on “growing influence” of such providers. Thursday, March 24, trade unionists questioned the management of the CNAV on this subject during a meeting of the social and economic committee – the body representing employees.

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One of the questions raised echoes the sour comments of senators. In their report, the elected officials of the Luxembourg Palace express their perplexity at this mission commissioned, at the end of 2019, as part of the pension reform promised by Emmanuel Macron. A dozen consultants had been called upon for several months. It was a question of supporting the fund, while the implementation of a universal system, synonymous with “organizational shock” for the diet. “The CNAV has auditors of an excellent level, but we wanted to benefit from the neutral point of view and the recommendations of a ‘third-party operator’, for an in-depth transformation which had to be carried out quickly. »explains the general manager, Renaud Villard.

The director of the CNAV “very satisfied”

In the end, the universal system project was put on hold and then abandoned. McKinsey’s intervention cost just over 957,000 euros, “with the only tangible traces of a PowerPoint and a 50-page notebook”said Eliane Assassi, communist senator from Val-de-Marne and rapporteur for the commission of inquiry: “We are a long way from a detailed report commensurate with this difficult objective dictated by current events! »

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Money wasted? ” It is not so, replies Mr. Villard. This service will have allowed us to question ourselves on all of our processes to be up to the challenges of the public retirement service of tomorrow. » Mr. Villard says to himself “very satisfied with what was delivered” : “The methods proposed for driving change have been and will be invaluable to us in the future. We have largely capitalized on them by deploying governance and transformation management, entitled Retraite 2025, in strict extension of this mission. »

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