Mercadona causes a furore with the glamorous €5 perfume that keeps selling

If there's one product that's always a hit on any occasion, it's perfume. It is a very sophisticated personal beauty item with which each person manages to feel identified according to their personality.

For this reason, giving this type of item as a gift is synonymous with getting to know that special person. A Mercadona they know this well and, for this reason, they offer more and more varied options within the perfumery section.

One of them in particular, although there are many that manage to position themselves as viral, has managed to capture the attention of all consumers. And with its price, you won't be able to resist its charms either.

  1. This is Mercadona's perfume which is a hit for 5 euros
    1. This is the fragrance of the most sought-after perfume at Mercadona
  2. The supermarket's perfumery is highly rated

This is Mercadona's perfume which is a hit for 5 euros

There are more and more perfume options that we can find in the beauty section of Mercadona. In this case, one of the ones that has managed to position itself as the most sought after is one that has special floral touches.

Thanks to this, it brings both freshness and sweetness when applied, two of the most desired things when looking for a unique fragrance. This perfume is, no less, than one from the Flor de Mayor brand, also highly valued in the supermarket, but it is the Glamor fragrance, which shows off its name when you put it on.

If you don't already know this Flor de Mayo perfume, it's because it went on sale just a few weeks ago. On the other hand, contrary to what happens with other brand options, this perfume does not come in a mini format, it comes in a container that has a capacity of 100 ml, which makes it a real investment. In addition, the presentation of the perfume packaging is another feature that attracts the attention of consumers, as it looks like an imitation of a famous brand.

Photo of Mercadona's 'Glamour' perfume

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It comes in a tube box covered with an attractive color-laden floral print, which can also be reused for other functions. In white and large letters, we can read the name of the perfume: «Glamour».

This is the fragrance of the most sought-after perfume at Mercadona

If you are wondering what the fragrance of this sought-after perfume is, it is a great combination of jasmine with orange blossoms with sensual and elegant notes. This means that it has both fruity and floral touches that coexist in perfect harmony.

Ideal to use every day thanks to the fact that it does not have a heavy aroma, it is perfect to use at any time of the year. In addition, its long duration will allow you to smell good throughout the day. Another of the characteristics that stand out is the price, since you can get the perfume for just 5 euros.

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The supermarket's perfumery is highly rated

If something is clear, it is that the perfumery of Mercadona it has become one of the best rated of all supermarkets. In this section, the chain surprises with products and perfumes of exceptional quality at outrageous prices. In fact, many times, the fragrances imitate the aroma of some of the most recognized brands on the market. Of course, always maintaining the affordable price that has managed to position them at the top of everything.

In the event that you are looking for a soft, floral and attractive fragrance, the perfume «Glamour» by Mercadona it will be a great choice. Use it daily and be surprised by its characteristic smell.

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