Mercadona withdraws a product from its stores and apologizes

The supermarket chain Mercadona has reported the preventive recall of one of its products after receiving a warning from the health authorities. The Valencian company has proceeded with the withdrawal of Hacendado Brand Neutral Gelatin, following the precautionary principle. This is a product marketed as a pack of 12 sheets, suspected of containing salmonella.

As he explained Mercadonathe notice from the health authorities affects only one batch of the product: the A11054/01. The suspect product has a best before date of 04/27/2027. In any case, and until the "definitive resolution of the file", Mercadona has decided to withdraw this product from its supermarkets as a precaution.

  1. Mercadona withdraws a suspicious product from the stores
  2. What is salmonella poisoning?
  3. Precautions to avoid contracting a salmonella infection

Mercadona withdraws a suspicious product from the stores

According to the statements of the Spanish Food Safety Agency (AESAN), the reason for the warning from the authorities is the suspicion that the aforementioned batch may contain salmonella. Of course, so much Mercadona as the health authorities have insisted that there has been no confirmed affected linked to the alert.

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"There is no record of any cases of people being affected by the consumption of Hacendado Neutral Gelatin", they reported from Mercadona. In this regard, customers are advised to check if they have the product at home. It is, let's remember, a pack of 12 sheets, with an approximate weight of 20 grams and which is usually kept at room temperature.

If this is the case, both AESAN and Mercadona they advise against its consumption. Likewise, Mercadona has informed that all customers can return the affected product to any of its stores, where they will be refunded the amount of gelatin.

Mercadona took the opportunity to apologize to customers: "Both Mercadona and the supplier Gelita AG. they apologize to all customers for the inconvenience caused".

What is salmonella poisoning?

Salmonella poisoning is one of the most common food poisonings and can be caused by a large number of foods. In most cases their infection does not involve greater complications, so it is not considered a serious poisoning.

After a few days, patients gradually recover without having to resort to any specific treatment. With the intention of facilitating the process, most specialists recommend that those affected drink large amounts of water, as well as avoid fatty foods.

The incubation period usually ranges from the first 6 hours after ingestion to 6 days. Therefore, it is very common for people not to associate their symptoms with those of food poisoning.

Among the most common symptoms are diarrhea, fever, nausea and vomiting. However, some people experience more varied symptoms, including chills, headache or stomach cramps, but not all infected people have any symptoms.

Precautions to avoid contracting a salmonella infection

To avoid contracting this type of infection, we can make a series of hygienic recommendations and preventive measures. Among them, washing our hands correctly, avoiding cross-contamination or respecting the refrigeration of each food.

And although we are tempted to wash certain meats or fish, the truth is that water can facilitate the spread of microorganisms that infect both food and utensils and other elements of the kitchen. Therefore, you must pay close attention to the handling that each food requires.

Choosing food of reliable origin, cooking food at safe temperatures and keeping all surfaces, containers and utensils clean are also essential.

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