Mercedes Milan confirms the rumor of his health and asks for money to keep trying

Dear Mercedes she's an all-around professional who has always outshone her audience every time she's stepped in front of the cameras on a set.

We remember that Mercedes Milá, during her youth, was one of the most important interviewers in our country. The talks with the famous people of the decade of the 80s were an example of his professionalism and his rigor. Thus, he developed his journalistic work in the most incisive way.

At 71 years old, she does not want to leave television and knows that she can embark on different projects that excite her and she is ready to do so. He conserves all the energy to continue standing in front of a camera, even if he broke his humerus last August.

  1. Mercedes Milá confirms his status after rumours
  2. The Catalan journalist is honest and reveals her reality
  3. The biggest interviewing mistake

Mercedes Milá confirms his status after rumours

He knows that from Movistar Plus they are giving him the opportunity he has been asking for so much in recent years. In the 21st century, we have seen it presented big brother. It is clear that this radical change in his professional life brought him great benefits, but also a lot of criticism.

Close-up of Mercedes Milá holding the collar of her shirt.

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The truth is that she is only looking forward and wants to extend her career as much as she can to enjoy her millions of followers.

"As long as there are companies willing to pay for what I do, I really want to continue, continue and continue", he confessed in a current interview.

"Perhaps a day will come when I won't be able to continue because I won't be able to, because my legs will fail me, because my head won't be in condition... Well, then that day I will leave, but in the meantime, I continue to offer my services", he said a few days ago.

The Catalan journalist is honest and reveals her reality

This has spoken in depth with the colleagues of The reason and in this interview the Catalan journalist has been clearer than ever.

Dear Mercedes


He reveals everything he has learned during the decades he has been at the foot of the canyon and exposes what he has left to do. She also confesses the future expectations she has in mind and only asks not to be censored.

"I have nothing to claim because I am such a public person that everyone owns a piece of my life. Then, let them say what they want, as if they never want to say anything again", he said.

Milá knows that he can still give a lot of himself and his positive character means that he tackles with enthusiasm any project that is proposed to him and that seduces him.

The biggest interviewing mistake

milan vs milan, like this it's called the new season that started a few months ago on Movistar Plus. In this format, the communicator wants to remember the past with the guests she once interviewed.

"María Ruiz Calzado had a brilliant idea, which was to say 'since you've done so many interviews in the past, why don't we revisit these interviews?' and if the characters live, because there are many who have died, and want, we can do a before and a now. And he has given a lot of himself. For me it has been exciting and it is a pleasure, a great pleasure", he confessed.

Mercedes Milá presenting the tribute concert to Rocío Jurado

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Regarding interviews, the format in which the journalist has developed best, she offers a bleak opinion. "Interviews almost ceased to exist because they were no longer interviews, they were agreements".

"It was like going through the heads of image, the heads of communication, the departments of I don't know what... and when you got to the character you wanted to have in the first person, look him in the eyes and know what he really thinks, I had lost you on the way."

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"And there came a time when this took me out of the world of interviews and I was away for a while," Milá lamented in his last interview.

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