Mili Pineda, Rocío Carrasco's right-hand man who now threatens Ortega Cano

The singer continues to boom with her program In the name of Rocío. In the tenth episode, Mili Pineda attended, who for many years, has worked very closely with Rocío Jurado, which has allowed him to see things that others do not know.

There have been many times when Rocío Carrasco's testimony has been called into question. However, she always keeps her truth up front and doesn't shy away from anything. Now, the one who was Jurado's assistant has come to corroborate everything the singer explains.

  1. Rocío Carrasco supports his truth with new testimonies
  2. Rocío Carrasco continues to fight for the veracity of his testimony

Rocío Carrasco supports his truth with new testimonies

Mili Pineda arrives to support the singer, as he promised his mother he would do before he died. But the figure of the housekeeper is more than a support, it has corroborated some of the hardest episodes that Carrasco has explained. Not only throughout this documentary, but throughout the two years he talks about, when he promised not to hide anything.

Mili Pineda

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Rocío Carrasco recounted with pain the moments when his mother was expelled from the Yerbabuena farm after arguing with her husband, José Ortega Cano. "On several occasions my mother was kicked out of Yerbabuena, and they didn't kick her out of Moraleja because she had bought it."

The singer also explained the hard times she had lived with who was her partner, Antonio David. "I was a witness", explained Mili Pineda in front of these incidents. "I have seen Rocío Carrasco being dragged by the hair. I had to get in the middle and so did my husband. I know what she suffered there."

"I have always supported Rocío Carrasco and I will always support him. Thank God he survived. She hasn't lied about anything, she doesn't lie", confessions that give even more weight to her testimony as an abused woman. Statements that the assistant can make without fear, since she was working in that house for a decade.

Jorge Javier asked Mili if she had experienced Rocío Carrasco's abuse. His answer was clear, "yes". The housekeeper will always remember the moment when, allegedly, Antonio David grabs Rocío by the hair and shakes her.

Rocío Carrasco


"I said help, help, leave her. He took his head and took it down the stairs." Thanks to Mili's confession, it was also known that Rocío Jurado was aware of his abuse of his daughter: "She suffered a lot, a lot."

Rocío Carrasco continues to fight for the veracity of his testimony

A few days ago, it became known that Antonio David was consulting with his team of lawyers to ask Minister Irene Montero to violate his right to the presumption of innocence.

"The testimony of Rocío Carrasco is that of the victim of gender violence. When a woman publicly denounces violence, she may be questioned or ridiculed. That's why support is important." These words were shared by the minister via Twitter where she acknowledges that for her, Rocío Carrasco is a victim of gender violence.

And since every victim has an abuser, Antonio David wants to go against Irene Montero to accuse him, even without having cited her. "Justice didn't even bring me to trial for that. There were no doubts about this", shared the father of Rocío Flores on his social network.

Because of this, and despite all the evidence that Rocío Carrasco has, no trial has yet taken place. Therefore, Antonio David, until the justice decides otherwise, remains innocent.

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