Miracles of magic in La Canonja

On the verge of coming of age, the Jornades de Màgia 'Impossible' of La Canonja celebrate, from today until Sunday, the seventeenth edition. Thus, the opening of the event will take place this Thursday at five in the afternoon with the magic of Aliskim, the inventor of illusions, at the Castell Masricart. In summary, the artistic director of the festival, Mag Gerard, assures that "the best magicians in the world will come to La Canonja".

The reason is that «for the first time, within the same show, the Chinese magician Huang Zhen will coincide; Pilou from France; Henry Evans, from Argentina; Jon Zabal, from the Basque Country; and Aliskim, representing Catalonia”, explains Mag Gerard, who will direct these prodigies of magic at the Grand International Gala that will be held tomorrow at 9:00 p.m. at the Sports Center.

Reviewing the trajectory of each one, Mag Gerard highlights that «Huang Zhen is considered one of the best in the world, since she has performed at the most important international magic festivals and it is the first time she will visit Tarragona». At the same gala, the public will be able to enjoy «two world magic prizes, the French Pilou who, based on the aesthetics of Charles Dickens, will present a number of appearances and disappearances of objects; while the Argentine Henry Evans is a world champion in card magic and stands out for being a creator of effects and magic tricks for himself and other magicians”, explains Mag Gerard.

In this sense, the presenter of the Gala, Jon Zabal, the organizer of the Jornades de Màgia 'Impossible' emphasized that "he is a mentalist with a great career", who will share the spotlight with "the illusions and magic of large format by the Catalan Aliskim, who stands out for his eighteenth-century style».

All the shows at the festival -organized by the La Canonja Town Council in collaboration with Batall Produccions de Valls- are for all audiences, and there are proposals for the street and others for the venue. Thus, the sports center of La Canonja will be the main stage of the event that will last until Sunday. "We invite the audience on a fantastic journey through all the specialties of illusion to show that with magic anything is possible," says Mag Gerard.

In this way, continuing with the programming, on Saturday the prominence will be for street magic starting at twelve noon in Plaça Ernest Lluch.


Tickets can be purchased through the Codetickets platform and at the Masricart Castle.

«The Italian-Argentine company Deaux a la Tache will present The Charlatan. This pair of artists fuses comic theater with magic through a family show with which they have been touring throughout Europe this summer. In this way, La Canonja will be visited by a mysterious character, The Charlatan, to make believe that with the public's imagination and complicity, anything is possible", details Mag Gerard.

The same Saturday, starting at 9 pm, it will be the turn of the Nit d'Hipnotisme with Jeff Toussaint. "People will be able to enjoy hypnosis in the first person and verify that it is real and that it exists", assures the artistic director of the festival, who adds that "on this occasion, he will present us with a show in which the attendees will live an experience that is difficult to believe, interactive, full of strong emotions, magnetism, mystery and humor. A journey to the last corner of the subconscious through the fascinating technique of hypnosis, the ability to suggest and impressive moments of collective hypnosis.

The seventeenth edition of the 'Impossible' Magic Conference at La Canonja will come to an end on Sunday, October 16, with a double proposal. The first will be the Petit Circ show by Fadunito, at the Castell Masricart at 11:30 am; and then the Cía Civi Civiac will present the Torpeza show in Plaça Ernest Lluch (12:30 pm), a combination of clown and magic that will be the perfect icing to end the 'Impossible' festival.

Therefore, each year the bar is higher. "This year the Grand International Gala that will bring together the best magicians in the world, and you wonder what we will do next year, but luckily there are many male and female magicians to enjoy," says Mag Gerard.

On Saturday, fellow illusionist Jeff Toussaint will star in the Nit d'Hipnotisme

In this sense, the artistic director of the festival also underlines that "in La Canonja there is a magical culture." "It's seventeen years in a row, even the year of the pandemic we celebrated the festival in October 2020 following all the sanitary measures, so the public at La Canonja is a specialist," says Mag Gerard, who is pleased that "from the first edition, we have consolidated an adult audience that in the first years came alone and now they come with their children, that is, it is nice to see how the audience evolves, at the same time that we attract people from different parts of Catalonia».

Finally, regarding the expectations that the spectators have, Mag Gerard says that "they are the same as the organization when preparing the festival, that is, that they be surprised with new numbers and different ways of being magically excited."

Likewise, Mag Gerard highlights that «increasingly, magic is supported by other disciplines, such as music, theater, good scenery, which shows that in a number it is valued both that the trick is very good and include other disciplines , so that what we offer is something more than magic».

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