Natalia Figueroa talks to Raphael and confesses why the son they had has run away

Natalia Figueroa she is satisfied after going through a rather distressing time in 2021 when she witnessed the separation of her son, Manuel Martos. It was a hard time and he doesn't want to look back in any way, because Martos suffered more than he had.

Natalia Figueroa had every hope that her son and his wife, Amelia Bono, would maintain a long marriage that had given them four children. Raphael's wife did not expect that the two would separate their ways in July 2021, although the couple knew how to manage the situation. Since they got along really well, they were finally back together to the delight of Raphael's wife and the Andalusian artist himself.

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  1. Natalia Figueroa already knows that her son has left home
  2. Natalia Figueroa is happy even though she is not near him
  3. The last escape of Amelia Bono and Raphael's son

Natalia Figueroa already knows that her son has left home

Amelia Bono and Manuel Martos understood that they could not be without each other and got back together a year later. This, after a time when both maintained a cordial relationship for the well-being of their children, but lived apart.

Natalia Figueroa and Raphael smiling at the camera


However, the best they could do is resume the relationship. And it's that both of them now see a face of happiness that was barely noticeable during the months they were apart.

The truth is that the couple was able to celebrate that love has returned to their lives and they wanted to enjoy it as they know how. The influencer and the music producer have spent a dream summer and they have done it in the best way: traveling through various parts of Spain and Europe.

Natalia Figueroa is happy even though she is not near him

In this case, the son of Natalia Figueroa and the daughter of José Bono have decided that they should take advantage of as much time as possible together, either with friends or with the four children they have had in these more than eleven years of relationship.

Image of Manuel Martos and Amelia Bono walking down the street

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We've seen them take dream getaways and trips, but always in harmony and with the spontaneity that characterizes them, especially Amelia Bono. to your accountInstagramthe influencer he has shared all kinds of videos and photographs and many have gone viral for their originality.

They have traveled to IbizaLondon, Galicia, Majorca, Andalusia and Miami, and they have not hidden the happiness they feel in resuming a relationship that many thought was dead.

Close-up of Amelia Bono

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The last escape of Amelia Bono and Raphael's son

The last escape that the happy couple has taken has been none other than traveling to the Basque Country. A land that, from time to time, they like to visit.

On this occasion, they had a few days off to go to the north of Spain. Both have enjoyed the Cantabrian Sea and the rich gastronomy of that region. They could be seen tasting a succulent menu in a restaurant in the town of Getxo. And we have also seen Amelia doing sports near Plentzia.

Without a doubt, Amelia Bono and Manuel Martos form a marriage that gets along wonderfully and knows how to squeeze life like few celebrity marriages can.

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