OCU reveals these are the healthiest sausages of 2022

Many kilos of sausages are consumed in our house every day. A not very suitable option from a food point of view, especially when consumed daily or in excessive amounts.

Chorizo, for example, is considered a true emblem of southern European cuisine. And in our country, in fact, it is one of the most popular (and consumed).

The smoky, spicy flavor and beautiful red color make it an ingredient of choice to add some color and flavor to our dishes. Although it can also be eaten alone, accompanied by a piece of bread. But why are sausages like chorizo ​​not very suitable in any diet or diet? Let's go in parts.

  1. Why are some sausages not very suitable or recommended?
  2. Which sausages can be healthier according to the OCU?
  3. 1. Turkey (or chicken) breast
  4. 2. Cooked ham
  5. 3. Salted ham
  6. 4. Cured loin
  7. Can we eat these sausages?

Why are some sausages not very suitable or recommended?

Like most sausages, chorizo ​​has a high calorie content: about 480 kcal per 100 g. It is also high in sodium and saturated fat, so its consumption should be moderated as part of a varied and balanced diet.

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As a reminder, excess calories and saturated fatty acids promote weight gain and the onset of cardiovascular disease. In addition to this lipid content, chorizo ​​is a product rich in proteins and amino acids. Also, it contains B vitamins, iron, copper and sodium in quantity.

A similar thing happens with other sausages that are commonly consumed in our country. A good example can be found in the popular bacon, salami, whip, sausage... They all have something in common: their high content of saturated fat and sodium.

But, in addition, it is known that they can increase the risk of cancer and cardiovascular diseases, among other aspects. For this reason, most nutritionists are quite clear: they should only be consumed occasionally. It may even be preferable to avoid them as much as possible.

Which sausages can be healthier according to the OCU?

However, according to the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU), there are some sausages that can become a little more 'healthy'.

1. Turkey (or chicken) breast

It is one of the most popular options. According to nutritionists, it is the option with the lowest fat content, especially when we compare it to other processed meats.

Although it contains a large amount of salt, the OCU has come to consider it the healthiest option, as it is low in fat and made with as little processing as possible.

2. Cooked ham

Cooked ham is possibly one of the most well-known and consumed. It stands out for being a low-fat sausage. However, it is important to know that it contains very high levels of salt.

3. Salted ham

The OCU considers it a 'healthy' option because it is a fairly lean meat, which actually contains very little fat. Of course, as with cooked ham, it also stands out for its high salt content. And, in some cases, it also contains sugar and derivatives.

Photo of salted ham.

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4. Cured loin

Also known as tenderloin or tenderloin. Being cured in brine, it has a high salt content. Its main benefit is that it is a low-fat sausage (in fact, it is a very lean sausage).

Can we eat these sausages?

Two things must be taken into account: its fat content (although lower than other options), and its salt content (very high, by the way). Although it is true that nothing will happen to consume them on a timely basis, at some times, it is not advisable to abuse their consumption.

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