Olga Moreno talks for the first time about her mother's cancer and asks for help

Olga Moreno has visited Ana Rosa's Program to reveal what Antonio David's separation has been like. "The worst thing wasn't the breakup, the hardest thing was explaining to Lola", he says, referring to his youngest daughter. He later explained that several problems have come together and there is one that stole his smile for a long time.

Olga Moreno has stepped forward and revealed that her mother has been sick with cancer, this is the only thing that matters to her. He has realized that love is not as harmful as it seems, what really matters is seeing someone you love in danger. He knows that Ana Rosa has gone through the same problem, which is why he uttered a sentence that moved the presenter.

Olga Moreno wants to protect her family


Olga has felt very comfortable, since Quintana has inserted herself to find out about the relative's state of health. "My mother is fine, she is a fighting woman and in the end we are the ones who suffer. It hurt my heart when they told me about my mother, it's really difficult", he declared in telecinc.

Olga was very comfortable throughout the interview, which is why she explained where the legal situation is. He has asked for help from the justice system to formalize his divorce, but it is not a matter that takes him in a hurry because he trusts Antonio David Flores. He says that during the summer he had a lot on his mind, so he didn't want to put himself in the hands of lawyers.

"There came a time when I had to go on, I didn't want to go out and I didn't want to fix myself, but there are people who have helped me a lot. One of these people is Rocío and the other is Agus", he says, referring to the current couple. "I started going out and coming in without wanting to, but little by little and Agustín has helped me a lot, I've cried a lot with him."

  1. Olga Moreno has provided the missing data
  2. Olga Moreno wants to take the final step

Olga Moreno has provided the missing data

Olga has promised that her courtship with Agustín has started much later than the public thinks. It's true that he had been eyeing it for some time, but he didn't dare to take the step because he was still thinking about Antonio David. Now he knows that the marriage is over, so he has asked for help to close the stage and continue walking.

Image of Olga Moreno and Agustín Etienne

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"I had noticed it in my life, it is a number 1 representative because it takes care of us and it emerged overnight. I told him that we would end up together because he was attracted to me, but he gave me a long time and in the end he gave me a date. We've been together for a month or so, so I don't want to say that I'm in love, I'm just saying that I'm very happy."

Moreno has confessed that Rocío Flores has not taken well that he has fallen in love again, in fact he has reproached him. Think that theinfluencer' she didn't get on well with Etienne, she thinks she should have been more generous.

"I don't know if it has caused a estrangement with Rocío, but I want to say that she found out about it before it went to the press. He found out before my daughter, my mother and my friends, I called him and told them, I didn't pick him up and I sent him a message. I don't understand why he left Agustín as a representative because they love each other very much and he has behaved very well».

Olga Moreno wants to take the final step

Olga is tired of hearing rumors that do not correspond to the truth and has left why she has not yet divorced. His mother has been sick and he only cared about her health, that's why he didn't go to court earlier. He has a very good relationship with Antonio David and doesn't consider it necessary, he knows they won't have problems.

"Finding Agustín has helped me a lot, finding an illusion has been very good, but I have been happy with my ex-husband. We haven't divorced yet, I want to because I have to close stages and he wants it too. It's something we haven't talked about before, but we had a lot on our minds and I'm not in a hurry."

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