Olga Viza, the collaborator of Sonsoles Ónega who sleeps in a place no one imagines

Olga Viza returns to television after some time away from the front line. The journalist has several years of experience in the media, but almost nothing is known about her private life. Most eye-catching of all may be the place where he sleeps on a daily basis, a place that celebrities may not be used to.

The journalist returns to Antenna 3a chain he was in for 11 years, and it's been almost two decades since he was fired. At the time he was in charge of leading the news, getting to unseat for the first time the leadership of the telenotícios of TV.

Olga Viza, the new signing of Sonsoles Ónega for the next program


Now, Viza joins as a collaborator in the new program of Onega sleeps. The newspaper El world he reviews his life, remembering some episodes from his childhood, he always lived in an environment marked by happiness, in a house with a garden with his uncles and cousin next to Park Güell.

He enjoyed to the fullest with his cousin running around the grounds. It was always clear to him that he wanted to dedicate himself to communication, although at some point during his youth he thought of becoming a doctor. Possibly because she was in love with Chad Everett, actor of the series Medical Center.

In any case, she was passionate about writing, she even dared to give her grandmother a diary made by herself. It collected family events, with photos of the grandmother and with the inclusion of headlines. But she also loved to put herself in the shoes of an announcer. Talking and explaining things fascinated her, which is why she decided to study Journalism.

Olga Viza had the first opportunity in 1978 a TVwhen he had to replace Mercedes Milá a multisport. This allowed him to climb positions within the public body until becoming one of the most recognized faces. She is an all-terrain journalist, capable of acting as a commentator at the Olympic Games, moderating debates or being a correspondent.

He always strictly followed the advice of his great teachers. Jesús Hermida told him back in the day to "never stop being you", and it's something he has never forgotten. He has always had the affection of the public and his professionalism has always been recognized on the street.

photo of Olga Viza

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His career has been marked by awards. He has two gold TPs, an Ondas, an ATV award and the Margarita Rivière, which is only available to the best.

She has always been very discreet about everything that has to do with her intimate life. She lives in a house in the middle of nature with her husband, where she finds the peace and quiet she needs and loves to look at the landscape while enjoying a hot cup of coffee.

On some occasion he has revealed that when he wakes up, it is best not to speak to him; he finds it hard to start the day.

Olga Viza is passionate about new technologies

Olga Viza has no children, but whenever time permits she tries to surround herself with her family, especially in special moments. Of course, she is not at all comfortable at parties.

Despite being 64 years old, she declares herself passionate about new technologies, she is a professional who has never turned her back on innovation. It's about the way it should be reported.

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She lives very dependent on her mobile phone and quite regularly makes video calls, mainly with her sister, as it is the means she has to communicate with her since she was born deaf. He also felt a great passion for dogs, but after the death of some pets he decided to opt for cats.

Olga Viza also turns to sport to de-stress, padel is the activity she likes the most. For now, she is ready to face a new professional challenge.

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