On immigration, the proposals of candidates and their teams

A few days before the first round of the presidential election, representatives of the main candidates took turns at the National Museum of the History of Immigration in Paris to talk about immigration on Friday 1er April.

The association Singa, created in 2012 and specialized in the integration of refugees, was at the origin of this “hearing”. She made the choice not to invite far-right candidates who only “spread hatred and discord”according to the general manager of Singa France, David Robert.

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The event was initially to welcome candidates in person but, in the end, only Yannick Jadot, the environmental candidate, moved, the other political figures having canceled their attendance and chosen to be represented.

” This is not a problem “

“We spoke calmly for three hours about immigration to France in 2022 with politicians, and it’s not an April Fool’s joke”, concluded David Robert, Friday, at the end of the hearings of a few minutes each.

Given the formations represented – mainly on the left – the comments made logically converged around a positive approach to the migration issue.

“Immigration is not a problem, claimed Mr. Jadot. A country that plays a form of genetic purity is a country that is not doing well. Interbreeding is always a source of enrichment. The society that is doing well is the one that is welcoming, that integrates. » The candidate also defended the creation of a status of “climate displaced” for people who have to leave their country for environmental reasons, and the fact of “remove the question of asylum and immigration from the Ministry of the Interior” to entrust it to a “Grand Minister of Solidarity”.

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“We must lower the level of hysteria around asylum and migration issues”also defended Socialist MEP Sylvie Guillaume, who pleaded for the abolition of the Dublin regulation and the ban on bone tests to assess the age of unaccompanied minors or even the detention of minors.

“Welcome less to integrate better”

Stéphane Peu, the communist deputy for Seine-Saint-Denis, also said he wanted to ban the detention of minors as well as a “Massive regularization of undocumented migrants”. A point of convergence with the deputy of La France insoumise Danièle Obono, who repeated: “We believe that migrations are wealth and we assume to say so. We have the means to welcome people with dignity. »

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