on the border with Poland, the humanitarian “festival”

A Polish Santa Claus distributes toys to Ukrainian children at the Medyka camp, the border crossing between Poland and Ukraine, on March 18, 2022.

At Disneyland, it is difficult to approach them. But in Medyka, the most important crossing point between Ukraine and Poland, a country where more than two million people have flocked since February 24, the superheroine Wonder Woman, Santa Claus and the pirate Jack Sparrow are reunited to accommodate families fleeing the Russian bombardments. Behind these costumes, ordinary citizens who have discovered a humanitarian fiber with the war.

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A Polish Santa Claus came to distribute soft toys to Ukrainian children while a 37-year-old American, arrived from San Francisco, disguised herself as Wonder Woman and, between two welcome hugs, launches “Slawa Ukrajini! [Gloire à l’Ukraine] » passionate. The one who is nicknamed Venetta worked in real estate. The Covid-19 epidemic allowed her to realize that she wanted “really be an actress”. War broke out in Ukraine and she convinced a friend, Waddie, to go to the border for a week. “We are here to inspire people, welcome them, help them smile,” announces this American, a jeweler in San Diego, distributing sweets, light-emitting diodes and bottles of water, wearing pink rabbit ears. ” Joy is medicine. »

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Waddie is also there to film Venetta. “I want to make viral videos, like Arnold Schwarzenegger”she says, in reference to the American actor who made one for the attention of Russians for “tell them the truth” on the war.

The disguise of Wonder Woman, it is a pianist who slipped the idea to her. His name is Davide Martello and we meet him not far from where buses are parked, chartered to ferry Ukrainian refugees to the nearby town of Pzremysl, where there is a train station and one of the reception centers open by the Polish authorities.

The German pianist Davide Martello is known for having played in symbolic places, such as Independence Square in kyiv, Taksim Square in Istanbul, or even in front of the Bataclan... Today, it is the Ukrainians that he is came to support, in Medyka, on March 18, 2022.

Davide Martello drove fifteen hours from southeastern Germany, accompanied by his cat and loaded with a digital grand piano. He plays Beatles tunes at Medyka. “I try to create a positive energyexplains this 40-year-old man. I had also played in front of the Bataclan in 2015 and I went to Afghanistan in 2012. “

Sometimes more “humanitarians” than refugees

In this Polish border town, there was almost nothing until three weeks ago. But thanks to a massive outpouring of solidarity, many are now flocking from everywhere to take part in welcoming refugees here. On the paved path that leads from the border post to the road, dozens of stands have flourished. We come across the organization United Sikhs, the Egyptian Red Crescent or Jehovah’s Witnesses. There are also Polish SIM cards, Nutella pancakes, dog food, coloring books and sanitary napkins. Everything is distributed freely and freely.

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