online panic among fans of “Sutom”, a video game adapted from the show “Motus”

Every day, Sutom proposes to discover a different word in six tries.

On the morning of March 24, lovers of word games were in awe: Jonathan M., the creator of sutom, announces that the free and ad-free online gambling for which it is responsible must stop. This game, which proposes to discover a mystery word every day in six tries, is a carbon copy of the program “Motus”. Since its launch in January, it has been very popular on social networks, platforms where it is easy to share your score thanks to a system of colored emojis. The panic was only short-lived: a few hours later, the creator of sutom announces that his game will remain online.

What happened ? In a first series of tweetsthe developer tells Thursday morning to fear being sued by France Télévisions, whose legal department notified him by mail, on March 11, that he should no longer use the name sutom, reversal of that on the TV show.

Joined by The world, Jonathan M. then explains that he understands the group’s approach, which seeks to protect the intellectual property of “Motus”, even if the program is no longer broadcast. But, according to him, he can’t just change the name of the site: “I also use sounds and a graphic charter close to the show. This could have become a source of problems in the future. »

Despite its 230,000 visitors per day, a figure put forward by Jonathan M., sutom is not monetized and does not generate money – this ” personnal project “ even costs him, since he pays a host.

As he prepares to stop everything, Jonathan M.’s plans are changing rapidly: after the intense circulation of his tweets announcing the end of the game (nearly 15,000 likes and 7,000 shares), France Télévisions changes his rifle.

End of story? “It is a pure misunderstanding”assures Muriel Attal, one of the group’s communication directors contacted in the meantime by The world, without giving further details. The public company thus makes it known that no prosecution on its part will be brought against the developer and seems to discover the popularity of the online game, which proposed to dust off the program hosted by Thierry Beccaro stopped in 2019.

Wave of support messages online

On social networks, the announcement of the end of the game has disappointed many Internet users. While Jonathan M. received a “incredible number” messages of support, France Télévisions was the object of very strong criticism. Thusday, sutom and Motus have thus risen to the ten most discussed topics on Twitter in France.

The virality of the reactions is not surprising: sutom was created in January in the wake of the great online success of the game wordle, launched in mid-October 2021 by Welshman Josh Wardle. This browser-based word-word game was itself loosely based on the TV show “Lingo”… the American equivalent of “Motus”. “Let’s get inspired by wordleI also preferred to pay tribute to the French show derived from “Lingo” »says Jonathan M.

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Became a video game phenomenon at the end of 2021, wordle was bought by the New York Times in January 2022 for “several million dollars”according to information given by the American daily. Its success has inspired many online creators: like sutommany developers have offered clones in different languages ​​(from Swedish to Japanese), even geographical, musical or even mathematical variations.

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