Ortega Cano's son, in shock after hearing it: "Let's go for the girl"

After the long absence ofAna Rosa Quintanathis Monday was the program most awaited by the audience. The presenter returned to television with one of the most anticipated interviews, that ofOrtega Cano.

The bullfighter has spoken about the recent statements of Rocío Carrasco a In the name of Rocío. As he himself has said, he will go to court to denounce his ex-wife's daughter for everything she is saying about him. Ortega Cano he has read to the journalist an article on the subject of Rociíto. The extorero does not understand what Carrasco is saying about him and says that it is very possible that Jurado "is suffering" in the grave. After reading this statement, Quintana asked a Ortega Cano if there was a possibility of reconciliation.

José Ortega Cano


  1. José Ortega Cano is still in love with Ana María
  2. The concern for his son and the declaration of love for his wife

José Ortega Cano is still in love with Ana María

Although he has said he is willing to intervene with his ex-wife's daughter and patch things up, an agreement between them does not seem possible. In addition, José's statements Ortega Cano about Rocío Jurado they have been able to disturb Ana Maria Aldónhis current wife. The extorero apparently has his house with photographs of the singer everywhere.

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Then, Jose Ortega Cano has responded to Ana Rosa's Program about the situation he is living with the mother of his child. Apparently, they do not communicate with each other, although both have assured to continue living together with their son. "Neither she communicates with me, nor I with her", affirmed the extorero. In addition, he has stated that he no longer likes to go out partying like before, which was the custom in his life. Now to Ortega Cano he prefers to go play sports with his son or make some plan that involves spending time with him.

As for whether there will be a separation or not, the former partner of Rocío Jurado says that it will not happen. He has neither consulted lawyers nor intends to do so, since, according to him, the best and most comfortable thing is to stay with the couple, especially for the sake of their child.

The concern for his son and the declaration of love for his wife

"My son is starting to realize things," he said Ortega Cano. In addition, he said that he was still in love with Ana María, but that he felt that she was not. And it is that, according to José Ortega Canohe gets along very well with all of Aldón's relatives. "But now it seems that I am the villain of the film".

Ana Maria Aldón and José Ortega Cano

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"Ana María has always been wonderful with you. She has been a very dedicated woman", commented Ana Rosa. Faced with this, Ortega Cano he has said again that he wants to be with her and that, if not, he will not be happy.

The reporter proposed to the extorero that he take a "honeymoon" to Ana Maria Aldónall to recover the passion, which may have been diminished by age. This is somewhat contrary to what he claimed Ana Maria Aldón by him last week; the designer does not give credit to the words she has said on television.

"I promise you one thing, my semen is still strong. Let's go find the girl! I send you all my affection and love. And we will come together and love each other." This was Jose's message Ortega Cano head for his wife, before Quintana's astonished gaze and the background laughter of the collaborators.

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