Paloma Barrientos confirms the most shocking rumor about her life outside of TV

Paloma Barrientos begins a new stage in a space of telecinc. It has been linked to the universe for several years now Mediaset as a specialist in the pink chronicle and has proven to have very good contacts and information on a few famous people.

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Of his personal life, however, very little is known; he doesn't talk much about it, much less about his family. Basically, almost everything that is known about him refers to his professional career. Barrientos has managed to become one of the most respected communicators in the press of the heart. Not only did he collaborate with programs, he also had the opportunity to work in magazines and write a few books.

Used to talking about others, today the time has come for us to get to know her a little more. She has a degree in Political Science and Sociology, she has been working in the media for a long time and her professional beginnings were in a prestigious publication that has now disappeared, before making the leap to the small screen.

She is delighted to address issues of socialites. In fact, he has put several books on sale talking about some of the most relevant women in Spanish social life, such as Carmen Martínez-Bordiú, Infanta Cristina or Isabel Preysler.

Jesús Mariñas and Paloma Barrientos


Someone may remember her by contributing to tombolaa program that was successful on regional channels. He was for seven years in this revolutionary format, as he says Ok Diary. He had the opportunity to share the set with journalists like Karmele MarchanteJesús Mariñas or Lydia Lozano.

i to Mediasetit has been seen in The watermelon oh Ana Rosa's program. He also collaborated with the program people of TV until 2018.

Paloma Barrientos has an enviable career. However, her personal life is not so transparent, she chooses to be very hermetic in everything related to her family. In fact, on social media the only thing he shares are pictures of work. It is clear that it is better for others to be the protagonists, no data appears anywhere about their age or their tastes.

It can be said that he lives very dependent on the day to day, especiallyAna Rosa's program. Although there is an unknown fact that may shock readers: as much as he tries to hide it, Lanzarote has become his refuge during the holidays. It is the little paradise where he manages to disconnect and to which he travels whenever he can. Apparently, it allows you to recharge your batteries and helps you get inspired to write. In the morning space of telecinc has become a must-have, giving her point of view on celebrities with rigor and serenity.

Paloma Barrientos contributes her experience

Paloma Barrientos continues to write her articles at vanitybut we will continue to see it on television. She will do it as a collaborator in a new program of telecincas collected Ok Diary?.

Without a doubt, it is an incentive for any space, there are few journalists able to address current events with their professionalism. It is part of the old school, which focused on communicating with data and contrasting information. The journalist has been in the world of the choir for many years, where she is doing wonderfully. Due to her experience and skills to express herself, she could perform the functions of a presenter, but it is something that she never considered.

Photo by Paloma Barrientos


Paloma Barrientos goes through one of her best professional moments. She is one of the most recognized collaborators of telecinc and his good work for so long has placed him in a very privileged position.

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