Paloma San Basilio confirms the rumor about his state of health

Paloma San Basilio has returned to the media spotlight, but everything has changed. He is at home in Los Angeles, where he is waiting for new projects to come his way.

On October 12, he will be the star of a tribute to the Latino Music Awards. It will take place in the city of Bogota and promises to be a memorable night for the singer. "In recent years, after the pandemicI am receiving a lot of tributes and recognitions, very rewarding things that I am very grateful for. When you start a career, you never imagine how far you will go," he said.

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"I'm excited because it's really a recognition for my entire career, for all the work done. I will share it in this installment that rewards so many young people. To artists who are at full boiling point and who remind me of me at this stage».

The actress and singer is living a very beautiful moment in her career. With enviable health and a good mind at the age of 71, he keeps in his memory all the memories he has lived.

However, for her the journey has been tough. No one guaranteed her anything and she alone has gotten to where she is now with a lot of sweat and tears, but also a lot of joys of a full life.

Her beginnings were with the zarzuela, until she moved to the small screen, as a television presenter. Paloma San Basilio had an enviable face and skin; a porcelain face that everyone was looking for. After that came his musical successes and his famous participation in Eurovision with Juan Carlos Calderón. Later, his figure rose to the clouds. He released more than 30 albums and sold more than 30 million copies worldwide.

Photo of Coloma Sant Basili.


"It was a cross-country race, not a speed race. When you start out it's so unusual that you can sing, go on stage, share things and have people want to share it with me. Buy my music, who wants these songs to be part of their lives. [...] This seems so unique and so miraculous to me that at that moment you are not aware of how far what you are doing can go."

Paloma San Basilio in privacy

The actress and composer now enjoys her private life. He has an only daughter, who is a music producer, but his grandchildren fill his life and that of the young woman, they are 22 and 29 years old and the artist has a very close relationship with them. And this has been one of the few things that the artist has not been able to do, since he was always away on tour or in the studio.

Finally, in 2013 Paloma announced her retirement from the music industry. In this way, he has been able to cultivate and develop in two of his great passions: literature and painting.

"Light is this demiurge that makes us see what is non-existent and allows us to travel without established rules and deceives us. Maybe we are just that, color, light, energy that excites and moves." This he wrote about one of his paintings a Instagramwhere she is quite active.

Photo of Coloma Sant Basili.


The ocean of memory it was his first novel, although he never left the shows or the stage. In fact, we recently saw her in the last season of Singer of masks. Although a little more inactive, Paloma San Basilio is clear that she will never abandon music. "I have to sing because my voice will go numb and the moment will come when I won't be able to do it."

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