Paolo Vasile reappears very changed and his tears explain what is happening to him

Paolo Vasile is, for decades, the CEO of Mediaset. Vasile is a powerful man who has brought telecinc to a high level of audiences. Of course, in recent times the communication group that he is used to leading is not going through its best moment.

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Vasile is a man who is dedicated to his work and knows the responsibility that comes with holding this position in a television group like this. The Italian entrepreneur, whom we are not very used to seeing on a set, since his work is different since he took over telecinc and Cuatro, this routine has changed.

  1. Paolo Vasile breaks down to see her reappear after much suffering
  2. The meeting between Ana Rosa and her boss that says it all
  3. Vasile can't hold back the tears on his most difficult day

Paolo Vasile breaks down to see her reappear after much suffering

We were able to see the businessman for a few seconds on television just a few hours ago. Paolo could not miss one of the days that were marked in red by the Italian and by all the workers who form Mediaset.

This Monday, October 10, was the date on which one of the star presenters, Ana Rosa Quintanawas returning to his workplace. She did it after suffering in the last year from cancer that removed her from television on November 2, 2021.

Close-up by Paolo Vasile


Ana Rosa then left her followers speechless when she took the bull by the horns and revealed the worst of the news. It was none other than that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer and that she had to leave her work as a presenter ofAna Rosa's program.

Luckily, she quickly got the needle threaded and after several sessions of chemotherapy and radiation therapy, among others, she was able to rebuild her life. He stood back in front of the cameras as he had envisioned the day he left indefinitely and assured that he would one day return to the satisfaction of his audience.

The meeting between Ana Rosa and her boss that says it all

The day arrived and, after an emotional speech that marked the Madrid journalist as soon as the program began, the television called the press. He did it so they could ask him anything about everything he's been through these past eleven months.

Photomontage by Paolo Vasile and Ana Rosa Quintana

| Catalonia Daily

It was a press conference in which the nerves were on edge, although Ana Rosa was already a little calmer after successfully completing her first program after this long-awaited return. In the middle of the press conference, Ana Rosa noticed a detail behind the cameras, and that is that Paolo Vasile was carefully following the answers that the presenter offered to the press colleagues.

Vasile can't hold back the tears on his most difficult day

Spontaneously, Ana Rosa invited him over to give her a hug, he didn't think twice and was very affectionate with the communicator.

The presenter's words, praising the affection she has shown him in the most difficult months of his illness, brought tears to the eyes of the CEO of Mediaset. It was, without a doubt, an emotional moment that we're sure neither of the two protagonists will ever forget.

Ana Rosa Quintana's photo

| telecinc

"Paolo Vasile is here and I want to kiss him. Thank you so much for everything, you don't know how Paolo, all the colleagues and managers of this house have been doing. It was impressive", were the words of Ana Rosa in front of an emotional Vasile.

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