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The transition from March to April marks the beginning of the flowering of spring parents. Like gardeners who understand that if they didn’t sow anything in March, nothing will bloom this summer, spring parents rush to weed and dig everything they can in their children’s school trails.

While winter parents were convinced that everything was going well underground, spring parents discover the pot of roses, accuse their children of having concealed their school disaster from them, blame the school for not having alerted early enough. And like organic gardeners suddenly converted to fertilizers, here they are looking for internships and support teachers, mobilizing their friends, their friends of friends to fill out applications – for registration in a crèche or on Parcoursup.

How do we recognize them?

They start each year optimistic, telling themselves that the children have grown up. They become spring parents with second term class councils. They are convinced that they were kept in the fog during the winter. Instead of blaming themselves, they prefer to blame their children. Rather than their children, they prefer to resent their teachers (“it must be said that they are always absent and that they do nothing to make their lessons interesting”).

They talk very loudly about changing schools, without it being known whether the message is intended for the child or for the school. They were pleasantly surprised to discover that there were really people who responded on the Parcoursup support platform on the weekend of March 26. After completing a first file, they wanted to complete others, whether it was an entry into a private kindergarten or an MBA with two years of salary per year.

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how they talk

They start a lot of sentences with “I discover that…” and “I learn that…”. “I made an appointment on Friday with her main teacher. » “I never received that email. » “Do you know the last one? » “I refuse to pay a coach to do this for me. » “I find out the dates of the orals. » “My kid hasn’t done too much publicity on the subject. » “I’m a little sorry. » “I have twenty-four hours left, well THEY have twenty-four hours left…” “I spent two hours yesterday on” “I registered him at Acadomia at Easter for the French baccalaureate, but I realize that Easter is too far away, so I am looking for private lessons. » “He still has behavioral issues. »I found a very good human biology and pathophysiology teacher. » “It’s such an anxiety-provoking period for them…” “The English teacher has been absent for two months, how do you expect him to get out of it?” »

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