Paula Echevarría reveals who the father of her last child really is

There was a time when Paula Echevarria she became the protagonist of the media for her relationship with David Bustamante. Then, because of her divorce with him and her delicate emotional state. However, once the storm has passed, the 'influencer' has stopped making headlines.

She lives her life focused on social media, her modeling projects and her family, and that makes her happy. However, just because he's stopped being one of the main characters in the chorus doesn't mean he's not still interesting. Paula Echevarria it matters a lot, especially because of how he is living this new stage with a new member in the family. The actress feels comfortable in the networks and has been there where she has confessed how he is the real father of her latest child.

  1. Paula Echevarría: from hell to heaven
  2. The new life of Paula Echevarría
  3. How is the relationship with Bustamante?

Paula Echevarría: from hell to heaven

Usually, many of the celebrities who grab the attention of the media end up in the worst way, but this is not the case of Paula Echevarria. With the passage of time she has shown that the blows that life gave her in the past have not been able to deal with her.

With Paula we have experienced her true physical transformation. The networks have witnessed how with good nutrition, organization and a lot of physical effort you get where you set out to be. In addition, we have known her side as an actress, who, despite collecting good successes, went through a difficult time receiving endless criticism. Here came the bad streak of Paula Echevarria.

Image of Paula Echevarría presenting her new collection for Primark

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Personally, although publicly on the television cameras everything was fine, but the more it goes, the worse it gets. Your relationship with David Bustamante it ended in the worst way. It was such a bad moment that the couple decided to announce their separation through a statement. A news that felt like a vase of cold water for most of the fans of both. Paula and David were many people's Brad Pit and Angelina Jolie.

Ahead, thousands of rumors, statements and gestures that greatly damaged the public role of Paula Echevarria. However, time heals everything and, on this occasion, Paula's life has been rigorously fulfilled.

The new life of Paula Echevarría

After separating from the singer, she met Miguel Torres. An ex-footballer who captivated and fell in love with the 'influencer' so much that, over time, they decided to have a child together. The little one is called Miguel, like his father, who is not yet two years old.

Image of Miguel Torres with his son Miki on his birthday

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He, together with Daniella, the daughter he has in common with David Bustamanteit's the jewel he has at home. With the little one, Paula enjoys family moments and that's worth it. He is so happy, that the 'influencer' has not minded showing on her social networks how she acts as a teacher with him. This is demonstrated by a video that Miguel Torres has uploaded to his social networks.

How is the relationship with Bustamante?

Relatively recently, it was the birthday of Daniella, the common daughter of the two. Faithful to his followers, the ex-partner posted a picture with his daughter on his profiles. This showed that, despite divorcing, Paula and Bustamante have left the past behind.

Gone are the indirects and arguments, as now everyone lives life with their partner. In the end, they have assumed that, even if they don't share lives or hobbies, they do have something in common: their little girl.

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