Pensioners who will receive up to €2,400 a month before Christmas

Good news for pensioners. Before the end of the year they will check how the benefit they receive National Insurance will multiply In some cases they will rise above 2400 euros.

This benefit from the State enters the accounts every month. Always the same amount, except in two specific periods of the year, such as June and November. It is on these dates that they receive the extraordinary summer and Christmas payments, respectively.

Therefore, there are many who are eagerly waiting for the arrival of November. Of course, you will have to wait approximately until the end of the month for them to make the payment. This is usually around the 25th, although the date may vary depending on the bank. Some entities even try to advance the day of collection of the pensionsthus having a gesture with their customers.

  1. How much money will be collected in the November pension?
  2. Who is without Christmas pay?
  3. Others who are left without the extra

How much money will be collected in the November pension?

If you still don't know how much your pay will rise next November, we'll clarify it for you. As we warned before, it will not be another month in your calendar. People will receive the ordinary pension as normal, but with an important innovation.

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An extra monthly payment will be added to you due to the Christmas payment. It will be an amount equal to that of the ordinary monthly payment. Therefore, if the pension rises to 1200 euros, in November the income that will be made will rise to 2400 euros.

Who is without Christmas pay?

Not all pensioners will be able to enjoy their extra pay in November, and there are a number of them who do not have this right. This is the case, for example, of those who have a recognized permanent disability pension. The same will happen with the pensions arising from accidents at work and occupational disease.

If so, you can't quite say they don't have that extra help, mainly because they have it prorated. From the National Insurance clarify that "the pensions associated with accidents at work and occupational disease are paid in 12 monthly instalments. If applicable, "extraordinary payments are prorated within the ordinary monthly payments".

With regard to permanent incapacity, a distinction should be made. When the pension is motivated by a common illness or a accident not at work, but there will be the right to dispose of the two extra payments.

Another very different thing is when the pension derives from one accident work or occupational disease. The beneficiary, in this situation, would only receive 12 monthly payments.

It must be clarified that to have fewer payments will not charge less. In reality the same thing is earned, only spread over 12 payments instead of 14 as happens with those who perceive the extras.

Others who are left without the extra

Those who start receiving their pension this year because they have just retired from work will also not receive their Christmas pay. In reality, they will not perceive it in its entirety. A discount will be applied to the months they have not been retired, and they will have to wait until 2023 to start receiving them in full.

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All this happens when the debate on the increase of pensions for next year. The Toledo Pact includes an increase in accordance with the CPI between the months of December 2021 and November 2022. Until this period ends, the estimates handled by the Government are around 8.5%.

But there have already been some sectors that have been critical of this measure. The Governor of the Bank of Spain considers that the only pensions that need to be increased are the minimums.

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