Pilar Eyre reveals who she shares her bed with since they are one more member of the family

Pilar Eyre she is one of the most loved and respected journalists in our country. The writer began her journey in the world of journalism decades ago and has managed to become a reference within the social chronicle. Besides, Pilar Eyre has combined journalistic work with writing. The author has published several books, including My favorite color is seeing you, with which he was a finalist for the Premio Planeta in 2014.

Certainly, Pilar Eyre she has dedicated her entire life to the media, but the writer also has a great passion: animals. She has declared herself a faithful defender of animal rights. She was even recognized by the Bar Association of Barcelona for his work. On many occasions she has raised her voice for their sake, especially through social networks, where she is very active.

  1. Pilar Eyre shows the new member of the family on the networks
  2. Pilar Eyre recovers the illusion after the loss of Fender

Pilar Eyre shows the new member of the family on the networks

The collaborator is very passionate about social networks, especially Twitter. It is very common for him to share his opinions and ideas on current affairs. In addition, it has a large number of followers, almost 80 thousand.

Pilar Eyre surprised everyone by announcing the arrival of a new member to the family. Brody, that's the name of the writer's new adopted dog, who already accompanies her on a daily basis. And they seem to get along really well. The writer posted a tweet where she was in bed very well accompanied by Brody.

It seems like Pilar Eyre has found Brody the perfect partner. It's only been a few weeks since the little one arrived home and they are already inseparable. The writer does not stop sharing on the networks the day to day with her new pet.

The author has always been surrounded by dogs that have accompanied her throughout her life. A few years ago, he revealed an anecdote that happened to him that was almost like a movie. The journalist recounted that in 1978 her dog was kidnapped and she had to pay to have it returned to her. "They asked me for enough money, which I gathered I don't know how. We stayed at a train station", he commented.

The most curious part of the story was that, when the animal was already with Pilar, he started crying to get away from the kidnappers: "They had to run away and he was crying and pulling on the leash . It seems that they treated him too well", recounted Pilar a few years ago.

Pilar Eyre recovers the illusion after the loss of Fender

There is no doubt that Brody will have brought back the illusion to the journalist. In the last month of June, Pilar posted on her social networks that her dog Fender had died. This had accompanied her for years and was a very hard blow for Pilar.

"Fender lay on his bed in the garden, under the olive tree, and when I woke up, he was dead. He stood with one ear up and the other down. This detail mixes my tears with laughter", this is how Pilar related it through the networks. The tweet was flooded with messages of encouragement and support for the journalist. Pilar has always remarked how encouraged she feels by her fans. For this reason, he always tries to make them part of his day-to-day life.

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