popular neighborhoods, forgotten in the countryside

Mohamed Mechmache, president of the national coordination Not without us, on April 22, 2020, in Clichy-sous-Bois, in the Paris suburbs.

He never publicly commented on the sequence, never spoke openly of his “plan” for working-class neighborhoods, presented to the President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron, in May 2018, and immediately swept away by the latter. Four years have passed and Jean-Louis Borloo took up the pen to talk about France, to make his diagnosis of the situation in the country and to call for a national remobilization. Especially in favor of the suburbs.

InL’Alarme”, a 92-page text in the form of a manifesto published online on March 25, he regrets the time of “coalitions” and “battle-down”and proposes a pact of “national reconciliation” with the 10 million “forgotten”. “Six million inhabitants live in 1,200 “City Policy” or “priority” districts, in a form of relegation, of national amnesia, awakened from time to time by a few miscellaneous events.he wrote. In total, with the overseas departments and territories and the rural areas in major downgrading, there are nearly ten million of our fellow citizens who are no longer really in a pattern of hope. Be careful, there is danger. » He pleads again for “a massive, immediate plan, with measurable effectiveness”.

How to contact the candidates?

If Jacques Chirac’s former city minister calls for ” new life “ and alert on these “national weaknesses”, the candidates for the presidential election are struggling to grasp the subject. The working-class neighborhoods and their inhabitants have been the big losers in this campaign so far. They are at the heart of the speeches of right-wing candidates, constantly stigmatized, singled out. On the other hand, they are absent from the speeches of the contenders on the left, as if forgotten, neglected. As for candidate president Emmanuel Macron, he is going to Dijon on Monday, March 28, to talk about youth, vocational training and city policy. To present his program, on March 17, he had chosen the Docks de Paris, in Aubervilliers (Seine-Saint-Denis), he had not yet said a word about the suburbs.

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In front of the “tetanization of the left arch” and to “the hyperpresence of right-wing themes”facing a “anaesthetized democratic debate” and to “the absence of relay”according to the formulas of Philippe Rio, communist mayor of Grigny (Essonne), associations, actors in the field and elected officials are forced to imagine new means of questioning candidates in order to bring their themes to life.

“We feel deprived of this democratic time that usually represents a presidential campaignlaunches Mohamed Mechmache, historical actor of the districts and president of the national coordination Not without us. There was no debate on the issue of social justice. So it’s up to us to organize ourselves to try to put our proposals forward. » Saturday March 12, at the Le République theater in Paris, the coordination also presented its “manifesto” at the end of its operation “Our neighborhoods have a mouthful”, a tour of France in a caravan of just over four months. which stopped in forty-four cities.

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