Queen Letícia no longer hides the reasons that have broken up the couple

The Queen leticia she is very attentive to everything that happens in the life of her niece Carla. Although the relationship between them seems to have cooled, the monarch does not forget the daughter of her dead sister Érika. The girl has just turned 22 with a dislike that has reached her aunt's ears.

Letícia was at the parade of the Armed Forces held last October 12, very anxious about the condition of her niece. That same day, Carla and her boyfriend put an end to their love relationship for a very clear reason.

  1. Letícia finds out why they broke up
  2. Letícia remains unmarried

Letícia finds out why they broke up

Letícia attended unpolluted with the other members of the Royal House at the National Festival that took place last Wednesday. At the same time, Carla Vigo was having an argument with her boyfriend that would eventually put an end to their relationship.

The next day, the girl celebrated her birthday coinciding with a professional crisis. The queen's niece has been acting for some time and, at the moment, she can't find work that will bring her back to the stage. Yermathe play directed by Rafael Amargo has come to an end and Carla has stayed in thearrange.

Photo of Infanta Sofia and Queen Letícia on October 12.


Aware that she is attracting media attention for being Letícia's family, the actress wanted to take advantage of her birthday to relaunch her career. She thought that inviting famous faces to her party might help her in her goal, as well as trying to get some trendy locales to give up the space.

Wow, a great party where you can make some money thanks to the publicity of the disco and the press call. The idea was to promote her birthday to garner media attention, but her boyfriend didn't like the approach.

Capture of Carla Vigo crying.

| Instagram: @carla.intense

Álvaro emphasized the fact that they don't have the money to do it and he didn't want the press to go either. His wish was to celebrate the birthday in privacy with a small group of friends, something that Carla did not like at all. He knew that this way he would not benefit financially and the discussion began.

Letícia remains unmarried

Leticia was convinced that her niece had finally found someone to share her life with. Carla has declared her love for Álvaro on the networks and also in numerous interviews where she even considered marrying him and becoming a mother.

However, the discussion about her birthday reached levels that made the young woman decide to break up with him for good. It didn't take long for her to collect her things from her in-laws' house where she lived, without saying goodbye or thanking them for taking her in.

In addition, she decided to start from scratch and go with her friends to celebrate her birthday. In the end there was no big party with celebrities, but Carla enjoyed dancing in a disco.

For his part, Álvaro seems to be completely broken, since he did not think that his relationship with Letícia's niece would end because of an argument. And much less because of Vigo's cravings for fame and to make quick money by stretching his kinship with the wife of Philip VI.

Carla Vigo

| Europa Press

He always thought that she was above popularity, but it seems that she has changed her mind and would be ready to take the final step. This would allow him to live a much more comfortable and easier life.

With her recent breakup, a new front opens for Letícia where her niece could very soon grab the attention of the press. In addition, if you decide to take advantage of your relationship with the Royal Housemaybe we'll see her soon on some tv show.

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