Queen Letizia sends a message to her mother-in-law Sofia and displaces her husband

Much has been made of the strained relationship and rivalry between the Queen leticia and the emerita sofia.

Especially since that famous fight during Easter Mass in 2018, when both made it clear that there was a serious problem within the family.

Letícia wanted to deny, yes or no, Sofia to take a picture with her granddaughters and even Elionor looked down on her with a wave of her hand. Also, it's no secret that Sofia has always complained to her parents because she couldn't see the girls much.

Image of Kings Felipe VI and Letícia during their visit to Germany


It seems that King Philip's wife has taken it upon herself to put her daughters in a kind of bubble and keep them away from any contact with their paternal grandparents. Quite the opposite of the enviable relationship that both Elionor and Sofia maintain with Paloma Rocasolano and Jesús Ortiz.

who knows leticia he assures that he had many reasons to act in this way. And the fact is that the constant disdain he has suffered from his in-laws has ended up taking its toll.

Queen Letizia and Queen Sofia

| Europa Press

Letícia has never been well regarded by either Joan Carles or Sofia, who did not want a woman like her as a daughter-in-law. The tension between them was increasing for years, at least until the scandals of the emeritus ended up seeing the light.

Interestingly, these last years, and since the king John Carlos fled to Abu Dhabi, something seems to have changed between Leticia and Sofia.

Both have been seen together and she has even wanted to wink at him in her public appearances.

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Leticia, at peace with Sofia with this beautiful detail

Recently, during her official trip to Germany, Letícia decided to wear diamond and sapphire earrings that belong to Sofia.

A curious way to pay tribute to him during such an important visit. "We are very happy with this visit to Germany. I would like to take advantage of this toast to express that it has been a real pleasure and an honor to share these moments with you", expressed King Felipe.

A day that they both defined as "gratifying and enriching", while Queen Sofia must continue to deal with her husband's scandals.

Queen Letícia, Emeritus Sofia, Princess Eleonor and Infanta Sofia during the holidays in Mallorca

| Europa Press

It also recently came to light that Sofia caught her husband in bed with another woman during their marriage. It is a fact that he was explaining Jaume Peñafiel this same weekend.

"Joan Carles told Sofia that he was going on a weekend hunt at a friend's house," explains the journalist. "The queen had the fatal idea of ​​going with the children to visit their father, but when she arrived at the Madrid estate she realized that there were no cars, no escorts, or Civil Guard nothing", he added.

Photo of Queen Sofia.


When she entered the house and opened all the rooms, she caught her husband 'in fraganti' with another woman. "He saw it with his own eyes, like his children", assured Peñafiel.

That moment had a great impact on the emeritus, who decided to go far away after that, specifically to India. "It was her mother who convinced her that she had to return and face her task as queen," he explained.

The infidelities of Joan Carles have always been much discussed, and little by little more details are becoming known. It seems that they started earlier than many believe, even going so far as to lose the engagement ring that he would later give to his wife.

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