Rafa Nadal and the photo that shows his real condition after leaving the hospital

Rafa Nadal occupies magazine covers at the moment. The tennis player has just become a father with his lifelong girlfriend, Xisca Perelló. In this pregnancy, neither has gone through a good time. During the first days in which fatherhood premieres, the Mallorcan has not drastically changed his tasks. In the morning he continues to train promising youngsters, while the rest of the day he takes care of his family. He was recently seen a Majorca when he was leaving a training session, where he showed a tired face. It could be due to the physical effort of holding the racket or changing diapers...

Last October 8, Xisca Perelló gave birth to the couple's first child, the boy came early. In fact, the girl had some complications during the baby's pregnancy. The mother was admitted in the last weeks of pregnancy, so now, on medical advice, she must keep absolute rest and observation. In this way, both she and the child had to be perfectly taken care of.

Now, Rafa Nadal must prioritize the well-being of both. Although the true state of his family has been kept under wraps, none of his entourage has wanted to give more information about it. All that was known were fragments of the words of some relative of both. They tried to keep calm and make sure that the pregnant woman and the child were fine. Luckily, Rafael Nadal Perelló, as he has been named, came into the world healthy in the 37th week of pregnancy. And now, as a slightly premature newborn, he has to get used to the environment and adapt to it.

Xisca Perelló, Rafa Nadal's partner, watching a match at Wimbeledon, in London.


The first photo of Rafa Nadal

The young woman has not yet appeared in public life, as she strictly maintains absolute rest. Who did appear, although not by his own decision, was Rafa Nadal. He did it through the profile ofInstagram of another tennis player, Wong Chak Lam Coleman. The young Hong Kong tennis player uploaded a very special photo that read the following.

"Very grateful and honored to have trained with my idol, Rafa Nadal. The man who got me started playing tennis! I am very lucky to be able to practice with you today. I am working hard. I hope that one day we can meet at work!", he said with great enthusiasm. Coleman's excitement at meeting his idol has crossed the screens. The publication also features Carlos Moyá, who is part of Rafa Nadal's Academy, as well as being a great support in Rafa's personal life.

A few months ago, Rafa Nadal announced that he would be a father in a press conference. On that occasion, he took the opportunity to make some statements about the future that awaited him and it does not seem that he wanted a very big change. Literally, he said: "I don't plan to make any changes in my professional life." So we don't think that Rafael Nadal Jr will change the tennis player's life.

Although, rather, these words would mean that he would not change his commitments to tennis. He will continue to compete and does not see a possible retirement in the near future, as his friend and rival Roger Federer has done. We have already noticed that he is keeping his word. The Balearic goes to work every day as an instructor and will soon return to the slopes, his natural habitat.

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