Rafa Nadal and Xisca Perelló reveal that the day has come and they have to do something

Rafa Nadal i Xisca Perelló they are happy after becoming parents last October 8. Having a child was one of their great hopes and, finally, despite suffering for a few weeks due to the state of the Mallorcan, they saw how their son Rafa Jr. came to the world

The marriage is living one of its best times and they don't want to look at the past. They want to focus on their little one and the future ahead, which is sure to be full of good times.

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If there is a key date in the lives of Xisca Perelló and Rafa Nadal, it is October 19. And this Wednesday marks the couple's third wedding anniversary, the first they will celebrate as parents.

  1. Nadal and Xisca, aware that they must celebrate more than ever
  2. The double anniversary of the marriage that few knew
  3. Nadal is already preparing to cross the Atlantic

Nadal and Xisca, aware that they must celebrate more than ever

Without a doubt, Nadal and his wife have everything ready to celebrate these three years of marriage in the most special and intimate way. And this is more than 15 years since they met, when Rafa Nadal was starting to win important trophies in tennis.

The coincidences of life have made this October 19 a very important date for Nadal and his wife. And it's also six years ago today that one of the projects that has brought the most excitement to the Balearic Islands was launched.

Rafa Nadal and Xisca Perelló in a photocall of the Rafa Nadal Foundation

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He has always wanted to have a tennis club in his hometown, Manacor, and in 2016 he fulfilled it, on October 19. The Rafa Nadal Academy by Movistar aims to train, intellectually and athletically, the promising tennis players who enroll.

The double anniversary of the marriage that few knew

Christmas is plentiful. And the fact is that his academy is going very well and he knows that with the help of his family, like that of his sister Maribel, his big project is in the best hands. And everyone who passes by speaks highly of the facilities and amenities they offer to all enrolled students.

Embrace between Xisca Perelló and Rafa Nadal


In the strictly personal framework, Rafa Nadal continues in a cloud after the birth of his first child. He is very pleased with how everything went after the birth. And he makes it clear on his social networks that both his wife's health and that of little Rafa are perfect.

Through a message on social networks, Manacor thanked everyone for their love after the news that they had both become parents was leaked. A message that, despite not being too extensive, reassured her followers after seeing how the young Mallorcan was having a really bad time.

Nadal is already preparing to cross the Atlantic

She suffered a lot since at the end of August she had to enter a Balearic hospital to be cared for during the last weeks of her pregnancy.

Once the little one was born without any problems, Nadal returned to training. And he is preparing to play an exhibition match against Casper Ruud next November 23 in Buenos Aires.

Nadal will have to cross the Atlantic in a few days and it must be very sad to be separated from little Rafa for the first time. Of course, he knows that his professional career is about to end.

And 2023 could be the last season we see the tennis player fighting to win titles again on a tennis court.

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