Ramón García declares to another woman and leaves his daughters in shock

Ramon García has had no problem publicly confessing that he is crazy to see her again. After several months away, the presenter knows the worst is over.

This Monday, October 10, the most anticipated television return took place. After almost a year of fighting breast cancer, Ana Rosa Quintana he has finally been able to fulfill his big dream: to return to the small screen.

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"The truth is that it has taken me a little long, but I'm already here", assured Quintana, a professional colleague of Ramón García, just starting the broadcast ofThe AR program.

"I can't say I'm cured because I have to wait five or seven years to be able to say that, but I have finished the treatment. That's why I'm here."

After the reinstatement of 'the queen of the mornings'there were many communication professionals who wanted to speak out and Ramón García was one of them.

The presenter of the legendary program of TV, The Grand Prix, he did not want to miss the opportunity to send an emotional message to the journalist during the last broadcast of his program, In company

  1. Ramón García is very excited about his return
  2. Ramon García was not the only one

Ramón García is very excited about his return

As soon as Quintana's return to the small screen became official, Ramón García wanted to dedicate some emotional words to the Madrid star.

This Monday, and before starting the program that presents a CMMediaRamontxu went to one of the format's cameras to welcome the journalist. "Briefly, sending a very special kiss to someone you all know and who joined your work today, my dear friend Ana Rosa Quintana."

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"After almost a year, and a tough treatment against breast cancer, today she has returned to work", continued Ramón García. "It will have been a different day, difficult, but very beautiful for her, I'm sure. I want to send her a very strong kiss from here."

And, although "she herself has said that she cannot be said to be cured, that it will take between 5 and 7 years for this cancer to remit", the Bilbao resident knows that "treatment is over" and is convinced that "she will come in".

Then, the communicator did not want to miss the opportunity to remember each and every one of the women who are going through a situation similar to that of his friend.

"I would like to remember other women who are not known and who also go through this situation of undergoing treatment, of having to return to work, of continuing to take care of their children, of bringing their family forward."

"Sometimes we are left with the diseases of people who are well-known and all people suffer from diseases", lamented Ramón García, remembering that it is a very common pathology in society.

Ramón García believes that "Ana Rosa is the perfect woman to take on the fight of all women who fight against breast cancer. A kiss for each and every one of you. And this applause from a TV for another TV and for her».

Ramon García was not the only one

Ramon García was not the only person who wanted to welcome him 'the queen of the mornings'. Various personalities like Pedro Sanchez or Susanna Gray they have also shown their happiness after Ana's return.

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Another one of those who didn't want to miss the opportunity to dedicate a few words to his professional colleague was Antonio Hidalgo.

Ramon García, the presenter of the Murcia regional network, also started this Monday's broadcast with a small tribute to the great friend.

"I take the opportunity to send a kiss to mine Ana Rosa Quintana. Today I am the happiest man in the world. And many viewers and Spaniards too because Ana Rosa returned to work this morning. We'll send you a kiss and a big round of applause. I've seen it spectacularly, very beautiful."

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