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Today’s info: Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen confront their projects on the radio

Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen debated on Monday April 4. By interposed morning radio, of course, but their indirect exchange was enough to illustrate their oppositions. On BFM-TV and RMC, the candidate of the National Rally estimated that the outgoing head of state did not “no vision” for the country, “don’t know where he’s going”.

And to cite his reversal on nuclear energy, which he now intends to relaunch, or on the European “Farm to fork” strategy (“from the farm to the fork”) to reduce inputs in agriculture – and therefore to food production, according to his detractors – which he first supported before wanting to revise it because of the war in Ukraine. “It feels like a kind of goldfish in a bowl, and we go around in circles”, she denounced.

The far-right candidate did not hold back her blows against the postponement of the legal retirement age to 65, wanted by Emmanuel Macron, and which she described as“Absolutely total injustice”. She opposed her proposal for a retirement at 60 for the French who will have occupied a “meaningful employment” before twenty years, with, as a general framework for all workers, a “maximum” forty-two annuities and retirement at age 62.

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62 is the current age. However, attacked the Head of State on France Inter, “all those who tell you that we can maintain things today as they are are lying. Because this system is in deficit, it will be for several years, that is the demographic reality”. “If we don’t move” The consequence is the following, according to him: “Either our pensions are threatened, or we accumulate a deficit (…) that we will leave to our children. »

In this interview, the president also admitted not having ” not completed “ to weaken the extremes, as he promised in 2017. He said he wanted “continue this fight”. And to promote, against inequalities, a “social market economy” ; against climate change, a strategy that does not aim to “ban everything immediately” ; and against the fear of the other, a migratory policy making it possible to“to welcome those fleeing a country at war”, knowing “fight against illegal immigration”. ” At the same time “so he said twice.

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The picture of the day. Guillaume Herbaut’s campaign diary

For four weeks, the photographer Guillaume Herbaut publishes in The world, every daya photo that tells the atmosphere of France during this presidential campaign.

“Zoom zoom zoom zoom, it’s a mess in the world, with politics, and taxes… people are brooding, no one is happy, but… zoom zoom zoom zoom…” The company Soleil de nuit sings Gershwin. It’s party. Just before, Nathalie Arthaud gave her speech. “Well, I feel like I’m repeating myself, but there are some who have just arrived. So, workers, dear comrades…”

In cell 12 of the former German submarine base in Saint-Nazaire, on March 26, three hundred Workers’ Struggle activists stand between portraits of Lenin and Trotsky. No better atmosphere than reinforced concrete walls and red streamers to start with “The war in Ukraine, that is, the war on our doorstep (…). Well, let’s face it, it can happen to us too! » The candidate returns back to back Vladimir Putin, who “behaves like a criminal for the interests of the Russian bureaucracy” and “the imperialist policy of the United States, NATO and the Western powers”. Activists stand up, sing The Internationalfists raised.

sentence of the day

“Emmanuel Macron is not on the right, he quotes Philippe Poutou. »
Valérie Pécresse, on RTL

The Republican candidate for the Elysée resumed this Monday her long-term fight against the alleged “plagiarism”, by Emmanuel Macron, of his own project – he proposes, like her, to postpone the legal retirement age to 65 or to condition the granting of the RSA to an activity of the beneficiary. She underlined, on RTL, the diversion, by the Head of State on Saturday during his meeting in Nanterre, of the slogan of the New Anti-Capitalist Party “Our lives, their lives, are worth more than all the profits”, when he mentioned dependent elderly people and the Ehpad Orpea scandal. That the Head of State cites the extreme left party is proof that he “is not right”concluded Pécresse.

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In short

Unanimous condemnation of abuses in Ukraine. Several presidential candidates reacted Monday to the scenes of carnage discovered in the vicinity of kyiv, Ukraine. “These images are unbearable”, declared Valérie Pécresse on RTL, for whom “Vladimir Putin must remain an interlocutor, but can no longer become an ally”. “It’s a real barbarism”, judged Marine Le Pen on BFM-TV and RMC, asking for an investigation by the UN or even the International Criminal Court. “There are very clear indications of war crimes”, said Emmanuel Macron on France Inter. “A dreadful, unbearable, despicable crime”, for Eric Zemmour on Franceinfo. “How not to use such words, dictator, butcher? » at the place of Vladimir Poutine, questioned Fabien Roussel on LCI.

François Fillon supports Valérie Pécresse. He’s not an ex-president, but that’s not bad all the same. The right-wing candidate cannot count on the support of Nicolas Sarkozy – reputed to be very close to Emmanuel Macron, and whom some of his supporters booed on Sunday during his Paris meeting – but she obtained that of her former prime minister. Indeed, François Fillon claimed, on Twitter, that “ Valérie Pecresse and Les Républicains are the only viable path today” for an alternation to the outgoing president.

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The day when, in 2007, PS sympathizers confess: “I plug my ears, I turn off the TV and I vote Ségo”

“Le Monde” archive of April 4, 2007.

This April 4, 2007, Ségolène Royal is in a political position of which Anne Hidalgo, fifteen years later, will be able to conceive some jealousy. Indeed, says our journalist Ariane Chemin, the Socialist Party candidate for the Elysée, despite her proposal for military supervision for minors, despite her plea for “profit” in Challenges despite, in short, the annoyance it arouses almost everywhere on the left, can count on a “indestructible base” of voters.

Admittedly, those whom our journalist met have no “sympathizers” than the name. “On the radio, when I hear his bad Malraux, it’s still not exciting” ; “I can’t stand when she talks to me like a teacher,” they say. But opposite, there is Nicolas Sarkozy, the scarecrow. And in the rearview mirror, very close, the trauma of April 21, 2002, when Jean-Marie Le Pen had beaten Lionel Jospin at the post of the first round.

Five years after this resounding failure, the PS of 2007 still has the critical mass necessary to take advantage of the “useful vote” on the left, so that Mme Royal will make it to the second round. Sunday April 3 (2022), in Paris, Anne Hidalgo did not pretend to be able to benefit from the same effect, preferring to call on the French to vote for her, if not by calculation, at least ” according to [leur] heart “.

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Agenda for Tuesday April 5

“Multi-meeting”. Jean-Luc Mélenchon will be meeting at the Grand Palais in Lille, but also in eleven other cities by the grace of the hologram. From 7:30 p.m.

In the post. new episode of“Elysee 2022”, on France 2, this time with candidates Anne Hidalgo, Yannick Jadot, Valérie Pécresse, Philippe Poutou and Eric Zemmour. Emmanuel Macron, he declined the invitation. To follow live on Le Monde. Fr.

Religions. In Paris, 36 Christian organizations, including CCFD-Terre Solidaire, are holding a press conference on what are the major issues of the election in their eyes.

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