Richard Berry’s eldest daughter, Coline Berry-Rojtman, tried for defamation

In February 2021, in an article published by Le Monde, Coline Berry-Rojtman spoke of the sexual violence she allegedly suffered when she was a minor, in 1984 and 1985, at her father's home.

It’s the business in the business. That of a defamation complaint after accusations of incest. The eldest daughter of comedian Richard Berry, Coline Berry-Rojtman, who accuses her father of incest in the 1980s, appears, Friday 1er April, in Aurillac, following a complaint for defamation from one of the former wives of the actor, Jeane Manson.

In February 2021, in an article published by The worldColine Berry-Rojtman spoke of the sexual violence she allegedly suffered when she was a minor, in 1984 and 1985, at the home of her father, who was then living with Jeane Manson, accused of having participated in these attacks.

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Born in 1976 from the union between Richard Berry and actress Catherine Hiegel, Coline Berry-Rojtman had filed a complaint for “rape and sexual assault on a minor”, on January 25, 2021, triggering the opening of a preliminary investigation by the Paris prosecutor’s office.
Richard Berry, 71, denies all the charges, as does Jeane Manson, who lives part of the year in Aurillac, where she sued her former stepdaughter for defamation.

The laughs of Jeane Manson

The start of the hearing on Friday morning gave rise to long debates between lawyers, those of the defense pleading the impossibility of judging defamation, while the facts denounced by Coline Berry-Rojtman are the subject of investigation. But the court did not follow them, launching the interrogation of the latter.

At the bar, she repeats what she said in The world about the sexual games led by Richard Berry, including that of “the orchestra”in which she had to play with her father’s sex, compared to a “flute” or to a “trumpet”, sometimes in the presence of Jeane Manson. She also mentioned “kisses on the mouth with the tongue” : “I only knew that”she confided.

Coline Berry-Rojtman claims to have tried to talk about it with her father but did not “never got anything from him” because “he is in denial”.

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Jeane Manson, after having laughed ostensibly, several times, during the interrogation of her accuser, answered in her turn the questions of the court. For her, the article World “is such a despicable, ugly lie. She never saw me naked, she never touched my breasts. (…) She lies and, when we lie, we are always discovered.assures the former American singer.

In front of her, Coline Berry-Rojtman fumes and cannot help but react when her former mother-in-law assures us that, “ever since she was 10, everyone has called her ‘the mytho'”.
The testimony of Richard Berry, isolated with the other witnesses, was expected in the afternoon.

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