Roberto Leal puts good manners aside and threatens to break

Last Saturday, October 15, a fight took place on social networks between Mónica Carrillo and Roberto Leal. The journalist even dedicated a few words to Roberto Weekend Newsto which the presenter of word of mouth he decided to answer flatly.

  1. Roberto Leal and Mónica Carrillo, faced off at the Planeta Awards
  2. Roberto Leal, criticized in Antena 3 news

Roberto Leal and Mónica Carrillo, faced off at the Planeta Awards

This Saturday, October 15, the 2022 Planet Award gala took place and 846 authors from all over the world presented their works. This year there was a record of participation, with the novels presented by authors from different Spanish-speaking countries. Luz Gabás received the Planet Award for her work Far from Louisiana. the work Stories of married women by Cristina Campos was also one of the finalists.

One of the guests at this event was Mónica Carrillo, who presents the news ofAntenna 3 the weekends. Roberto Leal was also at the event. Both starred in constant and funny fights on their social networks.

The presenter of Antena 3 Weekend News and the driver of word of mouth were the stars of the evening. At the event, although they were not at the same table, they did share some very funny moments.

Close-up of Roberto Leal.

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Thus, Mónica Carrillo shared on Twitter on Sunday, October 16, several posts that Roberto had published in his stories ofInstagram of Saturday Roberto, in a joking tone, mocked the height of his companion. "I hadn't realized how short he is."

Mónica, for her part, wrote: "Not much is said about the 'like an elf' by Roberto Leal, which never ceases to annoy in order to make it sad. Let go of the 'rosco', lady!'

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Roberto Leal, criticized in Antena 3 news

Matías Prats, presenter, also ofAntenna 3Weekend Newshe asked his companion if she had been nervous during these literary awards. "Few nerves and a lot of desire to enjoy dinner. And I succeeded, I had a great time with other authors and colleagues", confessed Mónica Carrillo.

Instead, the presenter did not hesitate to dedicate a dick to her colleagueAntenna 3Roberto Leal "In spite of Roberto Leal, who made my night... A kiss from here, Roberto", said Carrillo.

Faced with this, Roberto decided to answer his companion. He responded via Twitter. "Unfollow", joked Roberto, referring to unfollowing his companion for the words he had dedicated to her in the news.

The journalist replied at the same time virtually to Roberto's answer. "I'll kill you in micro-stories one day", and Leal answered him, in a playful tone, "with prededication and allepoesy".

Despite the latest rumors that Roberto Leal would disassociate himself fromAntenna 3he seems to maintain a very good relationship with his colleagues. Alberto Chicote also joined in this friendly banter between Roberto and Carrillo. "I was next to it and it wasn't for that much," Chicote said jokingly in response to Roberto Leal's tweet.

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