Rociíto reveals to his colleagues that the secret told by Ortega Cano is true

Rociítothrough her docuseries, she is recounting the ordeal she has lived through because of her ex-husband and, also, because of her media family. Precisely, the last thing he explained made it clear that a rumor that existed was true: Ortega Cano he threw Rocío Jurado, his mother, out of his house on several occasions.

Rociíto has been very forceful about this and has recounted some of the times that the chipionera had to face this difficult situation. For this reason, he has once again made it clear that the marriage with the bullfighter had nothing idyllic.

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  1. Rociíto recounts the complicated moment
  2. Rociíto recognizes that it was not the only time that Ortega Cano acted like this

Rociíto recounts the complicated moment

Rocío Carrasco has come to expose in this second part of his series that what was his mother's last husband left much to be desired as such. He has admitted that he didn't treat his mother as he should have, so 'La Jurado' came to a point where he wanted to separate. And it's that, among other things, he couldn't bear for him to be 'lost' for days.

But another situation that exhausted the singer is that José took her out of the house when they were arguing, and this is how she has explained it now Rocío Carrascoher daughter. In particular, he said that on one of these occasions, one day Carrasco's mother called him at three in the morning when she was in Seville to go and get him.

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He explains that they went to look for her and found her sitting on the steps of the estate Yerbabuena with two suitcases. When asked what was wrong, his mother replied that Ortega Cano he had told her to go away.

Seeing the situation, Carrasco acknowledged that "I had all the desire in the world" to face Ortega Canobut the moneylender did not leave her. Then, he dedicated some harsh words to him: "He knows he didn't behave the way he should have with her, he was a dog and a bad person."

At this point, Jorge Javier has asked her a very tough question: "Was there any mistreatment prior to kicking her out?". And she has been very clear: "I have no idea. I will explain what I have to explain where I have to explain it, because my mother explained many things to me.'

Rociíto recognizes that it was not the only time that Ortega Cano acted like this

Antonio David's ex has also stated that the fact that the bullfighter kicked out his wife did not happen just once. He explained: "It's not the first time I've kicked her out. I can't say the number of times it happened, because I'd be lying, but as far as I know, it was quite common."

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He then charged those around him for knowing that this was happening and continuing to maintain a relationship with the bullfighter. He said: "I know it and I've lived it, and I didn't live 24 hours a day with my mother. Imagine them working, eating, dining and touring with her. [...] The whole family knows what's in it and anyone who says it doesn't is lying. In addition, they are so clumsy that they have been explaining all this behind the scenes to certain people and now they say they knew nothing. This is a lie."

He also singled out his aunt in particular Gloria Camila. She did it by saying: "She knows this and 1,500 other things that maybe she thinks I don't know, there are even some that I don't know and she doesn't."

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