Rocío Carrasco receives the message he has been waiting for years about his son David

Rocío Carrasco he just received the message he least expected about his son David. After all the controversies that have been generated in recent days, everything points to a person close to Fidel Albiac's wife having taken a step towards reconciliation.

For more than 20 years, the daughter of 'la más grande' has been publicly questioned for the null relationship with her children. And, although Antonio David Flores has been the most critical, several members of the family have also assured that the television does not want to have contact with them.

All this time it has been labeled Rocío Carrasco of neglecting Rocío and David Flores, but thanks to the media return of the presenter, many of the doubts that have been generated around this issue have been clarified.

Rocío Carrasco

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However, when it seemed that Rociíto had managed to put an end to this issue, Ortega Cano he has put it back on the table. Last Monday, October 10, the bullfighter went to the set ofAna Rosa's program to answer all the accusations that Carrasco has poured on him in the documentary series, In the name of Rocío.

After ensuring that Rocío Carrasco "has issued continuous infamies and disqualifications about my person" and that "has 'twisted' the truth to unparalleled extremes", the bullfighter announced that he would take measures against the television station. But if that wasn't enough, Ortega Cano he decided to charge her once again for the bad relationship she has with her two children. "His children, his brothers, what happens to them? Are they bad too, are they bad people? It's incredible what happens in this family."

we buy Rocío Carrasco he has received an unexpected message from Jurado's widower and everything points to the fact that, after these harsh statements, the teacher has decided to rectify his words.

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Rocío Carrasco did not expect it

This Thursday, October 13, the program save me has revealed the latest move that Ortega Cano could have made in relation to his controversial statements about Rocío Carrasco.

As reported in this format of telecincthe bullfighter has gone to his trusted lawyer to draw up a statement in which he apologizes to both his wife and the daughter of Rocío Jurado and Jorge Javier Vazquez. And, although it is a good gesture to explain the situation he is going through, everything points to the fact that the bullfighter backed out at the last moment and even deleted a paragraph.

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As explained by José Antonio León, Ortega contacted his trusted lawyer to draft "a statement to clear his image", but, when they had everything ready, the father of Gloria Camila has decided to "step back and let the statement not see the light of day".

the husband ofAna Maria Aldón would have decided to slow down the issuance of the letter, in which it was justified by its reaction to Ana Rosa's program, "until Gloria Camila don't give him permission [...] Without wanting to justify myself, I was coming from a long trip for work. My behavior has been erratic for months, the result of personal situations that I haven't been able to express."

Among the content that has allegedly been removed is an apology to Rocío Carrasco. According to the program, Ortega will not "talk about it again just because she is the daughter of the one who was my wife and she would not forgive me. [...] I apologize for attacking her with her children, when no one really knows the situation of a family inside doors.'

Rocío Carrasco and Jorge Javier Vázquez

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Another piece of information that appears in this statement is the teacher's alleged intention to put himself in the hands of professionals. "I will begin to deal privately with my broken mental health and its repercussions. [...] I will not speak until my treatment is over and the doctors consider it so. We still don't know if it will be internally or if I will do it in external sessions. I'm retiring for a while until I sort out my personal life."

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