Rocío Carrasco sees his sister and the crying confirms what he was so afraid of

Rocío Carrasco it's been years since he's had a relationship with his brothers, but that doesn't stop him from worrying about them and suffering for what's happening to them. That's precisely why he's having a hard time now, you see Gloria Camila quite sunken after his departure from nightmare in paradise. The young woman has gone to the set of the reality and has confessed how he is suffering because of what is happening to his family.

He has admitted that he has cried a lot because of the situation that his father, José, is facing Ortega Cano. He has even admitted that he shouldn't have left him alone.

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  1. Rocío Carrasco, perplexed by Gloria Camila's attitude
  2. Rocío Carrasco knows his sister's pain

Rocío Carrasco, perplexed by Gloria Camila's attitude

Fidel Albiac's wife is aware that Gloria Camila she cares a lot about the family and, especially, about her father, which is why she has seen her quite broken on the set when referring to the moment she is living. The image of the bullfighter is increasingly insulted, after being accused of infidelity and his controversial words about his semen. This added to the fact that the matrimonial relationship of the bullfighter with his wife, Ana Maria Aldónseems to have broken for good.

Faced with all this, Rocío has seen the young woman initially refuse to talk about the situation: "You will excuse me. I'm here to talk about a contest I did, where I fought and also enjoyed it a lot. Since my father's situation is a rather serious matter, I will not discuss it here and now. [...] Excuse me and respect me, but I will not delve into these matters. Sorry, but I've never logged in before and I won't now. It's an external topic reality and I'll stay away."

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After his words, the presenter Carlos Sobera he wanted to get some statements out and, in the end, he succeeded. Thus, the ex-contestant said: "In the competition I always tried to keep my head inside the competition until at a given moment I take it out and go into a loop. Obviously, I know how to leave the situation out, and in fact, my head determines that it may be worse than I left it. [...] And then I go into a loop. Right now I'd rather be out than in, I can just tell you that. I leave the rest to them, which is a topic that does not affect me."

What's more, she has revealed that she cried a lot when she was kicked out reality and see everything that has happened to his family. So much so that he admitted that "I shouldn't have entered the competition, I should have stayed here. With the experience I've had and with what I'm seeing, which is that we're only staying with the bad from my past, I think I should have stayed out».

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Rocío Carrasco knows his sister's pain

The eldest daughter of 'La Jurado' has verified that Gloria, in addition, has been broken by the statements made by her ex-partner, Kiko Jimenezon television In this regard, he stated: "He has been talking about me and my family for three years and, moreover, he is telling lies. What hurt me the most was that he talked about my family and my life."

To these words he adds that at the time he did not understand that he spoke badly of his family. The reason is not that he hasn't gotten over the breakup, it's that he hasn't gotten over the hurt it did to him.

That's not all, Carrasco has seen the reaction that Gloria Camila has had after being asked about her statements against Ortega. In this sense, much colder she said: "I entered to disconnect and before entering I decide not to watch certain programs. Since this is what I decide, I will not go into these things or watch them again. [...] It's something that affects me because it's talking about my father, but I'll stay out of it. Everyone who does what they consider. I come to talk about the contest I did, not about the things I have outside and that are private and personal."

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