Rocío Flores verifies that he is sorry and that he no longer wants to get her pregnant

Rocío Flores she was disoriented when she stood in front of the television to watch the reappearance ofAna Rosa Quintana on television He didn't give credit when he saw José Ortega Cano to offer the most surreal interview he has given in recent times.

Rocío Flores is no stranger to everything that is being said about the bullfighter in recent times, the marital crisis that is suffering longer than we thought was one of the topics that the journalist from telecinc. He did it on a day when the bullfighter did not make it easy for him. Ortega was moved and sent a direct message to his wife who is going through one of the worst moments in 10 years (her marriage).

Photo of Ortega Cano and Ana Maria Aldón

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  1. Rocío Flores confirms that the repentance is sincere since Monday
  2. "You have to have a sense of humor"
  3. Ortega Cano intones the my fault after the unfortunate sentence

Rocío Flores confirms that the repentance is sincere since Monday

In an unfortunate twist, Ortega got up in the middle of the interview with Ana Rosa and went to the camera to send a message to the Sanluquen dressmaker. "My semen is strong, let's go find the girl! I send you all my love", said the bullfighter's message while Ana Rosa did not know where to go after the striking request of her guest.

José Ortega Cano


Much has been said about this sentence, which has been the subject of mockery and memes on social networks, which has caught Rocío Jurado's widower a little off guard. This morning, Rocío Flores he saw as his aunt's father Gloria Camila reappeared leaving his house, to do some business.

So, the protagonist of the interview answered bluntly the reporters who were waiting for him in front of his house.

"You have to have a sense of humor"

The bullfighter assured that "there is silence" on the part of Ana María after the resounding message that he sent to Ana Rosa's set. Ortega has also said that "you need to have a sense of humor" and, regarding the option that there is a possibility of reconciliation between the couple, he has assured that "he cannot say anything".

Close-up of Ortega Cano wearing sunglasses and half smiling


The thing is that Ortega Cano he was more sincere than ever and apologized if his words had offended anyone. The truth is that he has confessed that he uttered the famous phrase that went viral last Monday because he was a little nervous. Thus, he reassured everyone by assuring that his wife did not think it was bad that he sent her such a peculiar message live.

Ortega Cano intones the my fault after the unfortunate sentence

All in all, the bullfighter has given his explanations, even if many no longer find it useful for him to tone it down my fault after what happened "Well, I'm not one to say that kind of thing, but I was a little nervous. And I said it, but without bad faith, of course, and I apologize to those who didn't like it, and I'm sorry," he lamented.

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He emphasized that this was a joking comment. "Ultimately it's a joke, but come on, I didn't mean it or anything like that. But well, what's done is done."

However, it seems that the bullfighter's words are sincere and his wife has not given them more importance. This morning, they were seen together in the car at a gas station near their home.

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