Rosa Villacastín sends a message to the new wife of Kiko Matamoros and the worst happens

Rosa Villacastín is one of the most well-known journalists from the heart press in our country. Thanks to his work, he has learned that Kiko Matamoros and his girlfriend Marta López Álamothey will get married And, it seems, Villacastín has sent a 'warning' to the 'influencer' about the man with whom she will marry.

He did it through the set of who is my father And there, in front of the audience, he called him sexist. A word that caused a great discussion.

  1. Rosa Villacastín and her attack in Matamoros
  2. Rosa Villacastín angers the audience

Rosa Villacastín and her attack in Matamoros

who was the presenter ofExtra Pink I went last Saturday as a collaborator to who is my fatherthe new program of telecinc presented by Carlota Corredera. A space that in the first installment addressed the story of Javier Santos, the alleged son of Julio Iglesias.

There, Villacastín shared the set with Kiko and they maintained opposing positions from the start. She, a friend of the above-mentioned singer, bet at all times to defend him and to justify the position he has always maintained on this matter. What's more, he accused Javier's mother, María Edite, of hurting her son for years with this issue.

Matamoros, for his part, was in favor of the boy's fight to have Iglesias recognized as his father. He even questioned that the artist has 'used' his power in his favor on this complicated issue.

To this he added some argument that was applauded by the audience as: "It would have been better to count the women with whom the singer had slept. And so see the possibilities that he had of having children outside of marriage."

Photomontage by Kiko Matamoros and Rosa Villacastín

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This attitude, different from Rosa's, led Marta's boyfriend to accuse her: "I don't know the beatific version of Julio. For the record I understand him because he will see a character and do four interviews with him. Javier, if you knew the relationship he has had with the rest of his children, you might not want to meet him so much."

Words that made the journalist angry and attack her colleague, revealing what she thinks. Thus, he said: "You are a sexist. You and your children have had the same problems."

Faced with this, the aforementioned did not remain silent and replied: "You started the most sexist speech tonight."

A very tense situation that caused Corredera to intervene to end the fight between the two. A confrontation in which the collaborator once again described Kiko with an adjective that has already been criticized on several occasions. Specifically, with their opinions and stances regarding the conflict between Rocío Carrasco and Antonio David.

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Rosa Villacastín angers the audience

The journalist not only angered Kiko with her words, but also a large part of the audience of the aforementioned format of telecinc. Many viewers considered that again, as it has done with Carrasco or Ana Maria Aldónstated that the woman should not talk about her privacy. Yes, that María Edite should not have brought to light the alleged paternity of her son.

Such is the anger, that followers of the program made their position with Villacastín clear on the networks with comments such as: "She is unpresentable. It caused me to have to change the channel. She fixes everything by asking the women to shut up."

Image of Rosa Villacastín posing for a 'photocall'


In this same line we find: "I can't stand it" or "I don't know if it's because the north has lost, but it's embarrassing to hear it".

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