Russian army announces that it will now focus on the east of the country, talks between Kyiv and Moscow stalled

The mayor of Kharkiv denounces the Russian bombardments

Ihor Terekhov, the mayor of Kharkiv, on Friday denounced incessant Russian bombardments on his city, the second in the country, which killed at least four people on Friday, according to local authorities.

“The situation today is very difficult”said Mr. Terekhov, during an improvised press briefing in an undisclosed location safe from bombs. “Every day, there are indiscriminate bombardments on the city and many people are killed”he denounced, saying that they were aiming “residential areas, civilians, infrastructure such as schools”. “It’s a war against Kharkiv, against Ukraine, against civilians”lambasted the city councilor, estimating that around 1 million inhabitants fled, or two thirds of the population of the city, located about forty kilometers from the Russian border.

The Russian troops, which penetrated to the suburbs on the first day of their offensive, on February 24, were pushed back several kilometers on the outskirts, where the fighting continues. The city has since been the target of daily artillery, missile and aerial bombardment, which has “many casualties”according to Mr. Terekhov, who however refused to specify the number.

Friday morning, one of these bombings killed at least four people in a working-class neighborhood near the airport, according to local authorities. Shortly after the strike and the evacuation of the victims, the warhead used, a cluster bomb, according to several residents, lay on a patch of bare lawn, next to traces of blood.

Several other bombardments, apparently with rockets, took place during the day. Two caused violent fires, including one in the Kyivsky district, where a gas pipe was hit.

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