Salvador, died too young in Granada doing what he loved most

Mourning at the Tajos Half Marathon in Alhama (Granada) for the death of a cyclist while participating in the race. The victim is Salvador Luque, a 49-year-old resident of Loja who used to participate in this type of testing. Sources from 112 confirmed that the cyclist died of a heart attack.

Salvador Luque, better known as Salva, was a regular at long-distance mountain bike events, he was used to this type of extreme competition and had no previous cardiac pathologies. However, he suffered a stop while taking part in yesterday's test.

This has been a tragic weekend for cycling, with two more fatal crashes. Two cyclists aged 53 and 62 have died in two accidents in Aranjuez and Perales de Tajuña. In these last two cases, the police are investigating possible criminal liability.

  1. Tragedy at the marathon
  2. Commotion among the runners
  3. He had done the Camino de Santiago

Tragedy at the marathon

This Sunday, October 9, the second Tajos de Alhama mountain bike marathon was held. Among the participants was Salva Luque, an experienced cyclist who knew this type of test well, had no heart problems and had been fine throughout the course.

Photo by Salvador Luque

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When he ran the 37th kilometer and began the ascent of Turó Naranjo, he started to feel bad. He got off his bike and did part of the route on foot, with the help of some of his colleagues. After the dizziness, he seemed to recover and encouraged the other cyclists to continue the test.

However, when I was already with the professionals of Civil Protection he suffered a cardiorespiratory arrest. Other runners tried to revive him and a medical team went with a defibrillator. The 061 troops were only able to confirm the death when they entered the test area.

Commotion among the runners

The cyclist's lifeless body was taken to Granada for an autopsy. Results are not yet available, but emergency responders indicated heart attack as the cause of death. It was planned that the body would be moved to Loja, where he lived, to celebrate the funeral.

The death of Salvador Luque caused a deep shock at the Loja Cycling Club, to which he belonged. Many runners had already completed the 48 kilometers of the race when the tragedy was announced over the loudspeakers. The organization asked them to go to the place where the trophies were awarded.

There were tense moments at the race as the dead man's wife and daughters waited for him at the finish line. The organization already knew the facts, but they tried to maintain discretion. The relatives were informed of the fatal outcome before announcing it.

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He had done the Camino de Santiago

As pointed out idealSalvador had a medical check-up a month ago and no previous illness had been detected. He had done part of the Camino de Santiago by bike and was used to long-distance trials. The cyclist was in good physical condition.

After his death, the president of the organization, Antonio Espejo, broke down and conveyed his condolences to the relatives. All events, including the award ceremony, were suspended, and a minute's silence was observed. The council of sports also expressed its condolences for the death of the cyclist.

This same weekend, two cyclists aged 53 and 62 died in the Madrid towns of Aranjuez and Perales de Tajuña. The first died after being hit by a car and the second when he fell off his bike and hit some stones; these accidents are being investigated by the police.

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