Sara Carbonero gives the final blow to Casillas and tells the truth about her children

Iker Casillas is on everyone's lips these last few days. His controversial messages on Twitter and his Tik Tok profile have raised alarms about the state of the footballer, who is completely unhinged.

In fact, everything seems to indicate that he is going through the crisis of 40, and his ex, Sara Carbonerohe just gave him the final blow.

After retiring from football and separating from the journalist, Iker has been linked to many women, but it seems that none have ended up curdling and, for now, the exporter remains single.

With so much free time, he does a lot of things, and his Tik Tok is a good example of that. Dances, jokes...etc. Iker is definitely a new social media addict.

And, precisely, it was where Iker saw how his ex, Sara Carbonerohe had no mercy and these controversial days gave him the final blow.

Sara Carbonero he met his current partner, the musician Nacho Taboadalast spring Since then, they have been hunted down the streets of Madridbut they had never willingly shown their love to their followers.

Iker Casillas loses control and sings again on social networks

But that has changed. And it is that Sara and Nacho have escaped to Copenhagen to celebrate the musician's 36th birthday, and there, they have shown their love, which has sunk Iker Casillas even more.

Sara Carbonero in a Calzedonia photocall


Nacho, for the first time, has published an image of Sara on his social networks. And the journalist has done the same by publishing a photo of the city where she was with Nacho.

In this way, both have taken a step forward in their relationship, and have confirmed their romance through social networks.

Iker must have been perplexed, since even though he maintains a great relationship with Sara, it is surely not a good taste to contemplate the messages that have been sent, and more so at the very controversial moment that is going through the ex-footballer

Nacho has published a photo of Sara in front of the city Opera, and for her part, Sara has shared an image of the port accompanied by the word 'Mångata', which in the words of the journalist means "one of those moments in what would you stay to live forever".

Certainly, Sara Carbonero he has healed Iker's wound, who is not having the best of days amid so much controversy.

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