Sara Carbonero opts for a very rock 'look'

Sara Carbonero she was one of the guests who showed the most style at the Parisian presentation of Calzedonia. Paris Fashion Week took place from September 26th to Tuesday October 4th. There, we could see celebrities like now Sara CarboneroMaría Pombo and Victòria de Marichalar, among others.

However, the girl who has stood out the most for her style has certainly been Sara Carbonero. All the guests of the event paraded on a red carpet at the big event of the Calzedonia brand.

  1. Sara Carbonero: one of the protagonists of the Parisian presentation
  2. The journalist has revealed her most 'dominatrix' style
  3. Sara Carbonero's British touch
  4. A classic leather trench coat with a 'Matrix' aesthetic
  5. Do you want a 'look' like his?

Sara Carbonero: one of the protagonists of the Parisian presentation

The journalist has become one of the main protagonists who has shown off a very ideal proposal. Sara Carbonero he opted for a transparent black 'look' which he combined perfectly. A complete rocker 'superlook' consisting of a black minidress and a leather coat with a belt. In addition, the best part of the presenter's ensemble was the footwear: Sara Carbonero has chosen to show the Parisian city some sandals with platforms that have become a trend.

The journalist has revealed her most 'dominatrix' style

Sara Carbonero he wanted to take advantage of these cooler days to show off his long black leather trench coat. A piece that needs to be mentioned, as it caught all the eyes in the last autumn-winter season. The most experts in the fashion sector got one in their wardrobe to be able to wear it on all kinds of occasions. A very versatile, elegant and groundbreaking item. It seems that this season raincoats are back to stay and we will see them both in the big firms and in the 'low cost' brands.

Sara Carbonero with a rocker 'look'


Sara Carbonero's British touch

Raincoats, for those who don't know their origin, come from the United Kingdom. A piece that has gone through great changes throughout history, since the way we see it now is not how they were originally designed.

This year it seems that we will start to see leather or leather effect ones. It is a piece that provides extra seduction for this autumn season.

A classic leather trench coat with a 'Matrix' aesthetic

Although this fall seems to be marked by shades of brown and similar colors, Sara Carbonero he opted to wear a leather-effect black trench coat. The journalist has managed to be the center of attention with this piece in the French capital. A black 'total look', combined with a black minidress and platform sandals. Sara Carbonero he has chosen a 'look' in the meantime, very comfortable and versatile.

The raincoats, like our protagonist's, are stylish 'midi' long with a straight design. In addition, this has a cross closure with a zipper.

The collar has a lapel finish, side pockets and a fully matching buckled belt. Details like these, or like the short sleeves and the back opening at the bottom, have managed to make it a very fabulous piece.

Do you want a 'look' like his?

Easy! Here we show you where to get your raincoat. As always, there are different prices, but here we bring you the 'low cost' option that you're sure to like. A trench coat with a belt with a loop is available at Zalando for €65 in black. Ideal for copying the set of the journalist.

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