Shakira appears in Valencia with a 'look' that has left Pedra Pique

Shakira she wore a very adolescent 'outfit'. Accustomed to other types of styling, this time we've stuck with the singer. His last 'look' seen in Valencia on the occasion of his son's game, and his XXL hair have meant a whole youthful 'outfit' that everyone is talking about.

  1. Shakira appears in her son's party with a style that has made a lot of talk
  2. Shakira's big bet
  3. The 'sporty chic' style that the singer has opted for
  4. Do you want to copy Shakira's new youthful 'look'?

Shakira appears in her son's party with a style that has made a lot of talk

Despite having previously gone through the law firm with his ex-partner Gerard Pique, Shakira went to his son's baseball game in Valencia. Although the singer still has to deal with her divorce process, after taking the big step, she has decided to encourage her son Milan.

It seems that a Shakira she likes fashion as much as we do, and that's why she wore a style never seen on her before. It was quite an 'outfit' which turns out to be very comfortable and which is currently quite a trend.

In addition, his long hair has been the icing on the cake of this youthful 'look'. The singer has attracted a lot of attention with her beautiful and long hair in a caramel tone. This color has already become the protagonist of the moment and is sweeping this autumn season. It is worth saying that the way she wears her hair is very flattering, as it is a layered hairstyle with which she has achieved a more rejuvenating image.

Shakira's big bet

We have finally seen the singer show a smile despite the situation she is going through, her separation from Gerard Pique. Shakira he has decided to put on his best smile and show us his most urban, colorful and fantastic side.


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But, we're so used to seeing her wear tight-fitting dresses with stunning heels, that this 'look' that departs from her usual style has really surprised us. We are talking about a trend that seems to be winning in recent years, the tracksuit. It is a piece that over time has shown that if you know how to wear it, it can look great.

We have seen it on different occasions, and it is that a tracksuit combined with a 'blazer' can give us a lot of style when dressing. If we want to add another striking touch, we can opt for a cap or glasses.

The 'sporty chic' style that the singer has opted for

Shakira has decided to opt for convenience so that he can watch his son play in the baseball game he had. She wears an ensemble consisting of a soft pink short-sleeved T-shirt tucked into sweatpants. This one has wide cut straight legs, a high waist with drawstring for adjustment, pockets and side stripes. Everything indicates that this 'sporty chic' style will be one of the most copied this season, both for the good vibe it conveys and for its comfort.



If you think it's a basic option, you're wrong. To prevent this from happening, Shakira he has added to his 'look' accessories that have been the protagonists of the styling: A signature fisherman's hat and purple glasses that gave him a great youthful touch.

In addition, in terms of footwear, the artist has shown off some sneakers with an XXL platform and a handbag from the Balenciaga brand. A whole 'outfit' that conveys a lot of cane and good vibes.

Do you want to copy Shakira's new youthful 'look'?

As always, we show you what pieces you can add to your wardrobe to copy the teenage 'outfit' worn by the singer.

The first is the round neck and short sleeve t-shirt in light pink color you can purchase at Zara for €6. It is a piece of clothing that is very versatile when combining with any other item we have.

The sweatpants of Shakira you can get them for €19.99 a H&M. These are wide leg straight leg knit sweatpants. Plus, they're high-waisted and have a drawcord to adjust them, inset pockets on the bias and side stripes with press studs.

The 'chic' touch brought by the fishing cap is what turns out to be more expensive. For €280 you can get one of the brand moncler. It has a logo patch, it's 'slip' style-where ' and with the border with serif.

Finally, the sunglasses from Shakira in the shape of a butterfly come from the hand of the brand Karl Lagerfeld and they cost €62.

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