Soazig de La Moissonnière, a centerpiece of Emmanuel Macron’s storytelling

Photographer Soazig de la Moissonnière, September 27, 2017, in Lyon.

Emmanuel Macron’s “Pete Souza”

“A Soazig insta is worth all the meetings! »observes a political journalist, evoking the pictures showing Emmanuel Macron with drawn features, in a hoodie and three-day beard, or in a conference call with Putin and Biden as he entered the campaign… In recent weeks, the scenes Captured in black and white and posted on Instagram by Soazig de La Moissonnière, the official photographer of the Elysée, participate as never before in the storytelling of the Head of State, just as those of Pete Souza had documented the two mandates of Barack Obama.

A controversial political photographer

Former official photographer of François Bayrou for the 2012 campaign, Soazig de La Moissonnière then followed Emmanuel Macron from May 2016, when he was Minister of the Economy and not yet a declared candidate. At the time, some press photographers were upset that she continued to distribute her photos for several months via IP3, an agency specializing in political photography, while she was paid as a service provider by En Marche! She made the official portrait of the president before being appointed head of the Elysée photo service in 2017.

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One look, two hats

This year, since Emmanuel Macron entered the campaign, she has signed a part-time contract, shared equally between the presidency and the campaign. “The photos of the President of the Republic are posted on institutional accounts, those of the candidate on the militant accounts of” With You “”, explains the Elysée. She is the only photographer embedded “embedded” in the official convoy during his travels as a candidate such as in Poissy or Pau.

A Breton with character

Discreet and stormy, the 40-year-old young woman, of Breton origin, never puts herself forward. If relations with the first communicators of the Elysée, Sibeth Ndiaye and Sylvain Fort, were a little tense, the situation has eased with their successors. She assures on Instagram “post what she wants, where she wants”without the communication of the Elysée getting involved. “If Emmanuel Macron is re-elected, he will surely continue to work with her. Even if for Soazig, who is a great pro, it’s a kind of professional suicide.loose a friend.

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