Sonsoles Ónega admits that he has returned home, but warns that they will not hug again

There is no doubt that the unexpected departure of Onega sleeps of telecinc still continues to generate a lot of uncertainty. Since the news broke that the journalist had decided to leave the chain, countless rumors have emerged about where she could collaborate from now on.

Likewise, it was discovered that Onega sleeps will be part of the list of workers ofAntenna 3. In addition, she will again act as a presenter as she only knows how to do in a program that bears her name: And now Sonsoles.

However, despite the fact that he no longer works at telecinche can't help but notice everything that happens in the space he presented for so many years: It's already noon. Now with more reason, because the return of a collaborator who was supposedly banned from the chain has just been confirmed.

  1. Rosa Benito returns to It's already noon
  2. Sonsoles Ónega aware that Rosa Benito has not had a good time

Rosa Benito returns to It's already noon

It's been a few months since Onega sleeps he left his prized place a It's already noon. Of course, her departure caused real euphoria in all the media, since the reasons for the presenter's departure were not known.

At the same time, this farewell also coincided with the disappearance of Rosa Benito in space, since overnight it stopped appearing. At first, he imagined that the aunt of Rocío Carrasco had decided to take a break from the small screen, but ultimately it was not to be.

Onega sleeps


His supposed vacation lasted longer than expected, which didn't sit well with the viewers, who were already coming up with their own theories. One of them, and undoubtedly the one that rang out the loudest, was a possible veto. It must be remembered that Rosa Benito is in the eye of the hurricane for his niece's docuseries.

Therefore, according to rumours, this and the supposed touches of attention that would have been given to him would have been the definitive cause of his departure. However, just a few days later, Amador Mohedano's ex-wife wanted to shut down those rumors once and for all. "To those who ask me about the news that I have been banned, tell you that I have no record of it. What I know is that there continues to be a very good relationship and a work proposal on the table", he explains.

Despite their insistence on denying otherwise, the media already had their own take on the facts: the veto. However, now, at last, it has been known through Television formula that the ex-wife of The biggest will take his seat again a It's already noon. This return coincides precisely with the return to television ofAna Rosa Quintana a Ana Rosa's program. So that on October 10, at 1:30 p.m., he could be seen there again Rosa Benito.

Close-up of Rosa Benito.


Sonsoles Ónega aware that Rosa Benito has not had a good time

Of course, his appearance will be much talked about. Mainly, because I could comment on the interviewOrtega Cano a Ana Rosa's program and also from Rociíto's documentary. Onega sleeps has witnessed that the issue of In the name of Rocío it has been extremely hard for the experruquera.

Not only has Amador Mohedano's ex-wife had to deal with media harassment all these months, but also that her image has not been the best of all. Precisely these could have been the reasons why Rociíto's aunt would have taken a break from the format in which she collaborates. Of course, it seems that, finally, this period of rest is already over because Rosa Benito will return to television to face all the controversies.

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