Sonsoles Ónega clarifies the issue of pregnancy and her boyfriend knows that there is no solution

Onega sleeps she knows perfectly well what she wants in her life, which is why she has had no problem confessing to her partner what is going on with her pregnancy. The journalist is very clear that there is no other option.

Last June 11, Onega sleeps left the entire audience speechless telecinc. He announced that, after 15 years working at Mediaset spainhad taken the initiative to sign for the rival chain.

From night to day, Onega sleeps he decided to leave his job without notice, which many interpreted as a betrayal.

Sonsoles Ónega and Pablo Motos


And, although several people close to the communicator assured that "neither has negotiated behind the back of Mediasetnor has he betrayed anyone", his exit was very controversial.

"It is not true that Atresmediahave gone fishing to the competition to hurt. An offer was made to her, because she is one of the presenters most loved by the audience, and she has accepted", said a person close to Sonsoles.

Now, and after several months, some revealing words of the communicator have come to light. And everything points to the fact that Fernando Ónega's daughter has made an important family decision.

Sonsoles Ónega has made a decision

Onega sleeps has had no problem making public an important decision he has made in relation to his private life. And it is that after a long reflection he has come to the conclusion that he does not want to have any more children.

Last April 19, when Sonsoles still belonged to the family of It's already noonbegan the section of fresh congratulating one of his colleagues.

Just 24 hours ago, it was Jorge Pérez's birthday and, to celebrate this very special moment, the model decided to bring an assortment of sweets to the set of telecinc.

Onega sleeps


"I've seen the entire team of the program eating like there's no tomorrow and I haven't eaten," he assured Onega sleepscausing the reaction of Miguel Ángel Nicolás. "But don't be a liar, don't deceive your audience", the collaborator reprimanded him between laughs.

"He ate half a Santa Teresa toast this morning from a colleague's mother's pastry shop. I told him 'enough sugar already because of course...'».

After the truth comes out, a Onega sleeps he had no other choice but to explain what had really happened. "First, I don't say no to a toast from Santa Teresa because, since my grandmother is missing, no one makes them for me. And if Lucía's mother makes them, I'll eat them."

Editing by Alba Carrillo and Sonsoles Ónega

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"And then, this gentleman (Jorge Pérez) comes and brings some puff pastry... And I eat a piece, because I have the other here", assured the communicator, showing the piece she had kept under the table.

At that moment, it was the same Alba Carrillo the one that set off all the alarms. "Let's see if you'll be pregnant", asked the interviewer. "No, darling", assured the presenter, before confirming that "I will not have any more children".

"Well, these heats...", insisted the collaborator of the fresh, in an attempt to get the reporter some information. "Then it would be something else, but it is neither one thing nor the other", he pointed out immediately.

"It's just that I don't want to have more children, it's a certainty in my life already", explained Ónega, while the rest of his colleagues assured that "you never know". "How unfair life is. I wish to have a child and you have already closed the factory", Carrillo reproached him, between laughs.

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