Sonsoles Ónega shows his house and the children know that the worst is yet to come

Onega sleeps can't wait to debut a Antenna 3 after its primetime premiere was extended fromAtresmedia.

Since it came out of telecinc unexpectedly, Onega sleeps she has one goal and it is none other than to give her all at home and not disappoint her bosses, who trusted her so much last summer. After a call from a manager, Sonsoles was shocked after hearing the proposal they had for her. The one that was, until a few months ago, his competition had thought of a plan for Sonsoles to give his best from this television course.

Sonsoles Ónega and Pablo Motos


What Fernando Ónega's daughter was clear about was that she wanted to hit the table. He wanted to reverse the criticism after leaving his old home with almost no notice. He barely had 48 hours to think about it, as he explained to Pablo Motos a The Anteaterbut the offer ofAntenna 3 he seduced her so much that he had no choice but to accept her. So, he started thinking about this project that he wanted so badly to start.

  1. Sonsoles Ónega shows the new house days before the premiere
  2. The video that shows the stress the journalist is under

Sonsoles Ónega shows the new house days before the premiere

However, a week ago Sonsoles gave small details of what this new program would mean, a format in which we would see her with more excitement than ever in the afternoons ofAntenna 3. Little by little, certain aspects were revealed about the space that will open in a matter of days on the grid ofAntenna 3. We already know that it will be a fundamentally topical program, but that it will not leave aside the pink chronicle.

Sleepy Onega smiling


Also, the name of the program is And now Sonsoles and everything points to the fact that it will occupy the slot between 19.00 and 20.00, just before a leading audience program like word of mouth. The truth is that the communicator is very excited and what she wants is to familiarize herself with the chain that will host her for the next few years.

Several pilots of this program have already been recorded with which Sonsoles wants to surprise the audience. It must be said that she is more than satisfied after these initial installments which have been recorded to polish certain aspects of the format and improve others.

▶️ Video of the day

The video that shows the stress the journalist is under

In the last few hours, the Twitter account of And now Sonsoles published a video in which we see the journalist walk the corridors ofAntenna 3; we see her walking hastily as if she were at home. A document in which Sonsoles shows off his spontaneity and sympathy and in which he makes it clear that he has high hopes for this new project and wants it to arrive this Monday, October 17, as soon as possible.

In the aforementioned video, the journalist greets her colleagues as she walks down the corridor towards her dressing room, number 15. "This is exhausting, but of course, we've arrived at a new house and anyone says 'I'm exhausted' . I have to be at my best", said the presenter in the video.

Onega sleeps


Monday the 17th will be the day when Sonsoles will be released in Antenna 3we'll see if her return to television is as successful as she hopes, first. The hearings will pass judgment and he has no choice but to prepare as much as possible for this first live program. And it will undoubtedly be a touchstone for us to know what the dynamics will be and the topics to be discussed during the program.

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