'Survivors' no longer hide the deception of 2021 and ask for the return of the award

Many followers of survivorsthey considered the 2021 edition to be a farce. The final reached Olga Moreno and Gianmarco Onestini and finally the wife of Antonio David ended up being the winner.

He won at a crucial time in his life. Before going to compete, Rocío Carrasco premiered Rocío, tell the truth to stay alivea space where he talked about his marriage with Antonio David.

The contestant, then, was nervous, but sure that her relationship was fine. Everything that had been talked about outside of her and what she had endured inside, regarding Rocío's situation, made her the winner.

  1. The deception of last year's edition of survivors
  2. Now Jorge Javier wanted to talk about that final of survivors 2021

The deception of last year's edition of survivors

Olga Moreno and Gianmarco Onestini with Carlos Sobera moments before announcing the winner of 'Survivientes 2021'

| telecinc

Some reasons why survivorswas much criticized. In that final, gossip was more important than survival because, otherwise, Gianmarco would have won.

But it should also be remembered that not all votes were counted. The alarm was given at the end by Melyssa's mother, who later came third. "I'm worried because I've received thousands of messages from people who say they can't vote."

Carlos Sobera he owned up to the mistake and said it was true. "The system has collapsed", assured the presenter, while the people who voted received a message of "not delivered".

It is true that Olga did not leave at a good time in her life survivorsbut that also made her a winner. On the set, before winning and still not knowing everything that had happened outside, she defended who was then her husband. "He is an exemplary father," he said.

"We have suffered so much so that these children are well... No one knows what my husband has cried and suffered. How difficult it has been, three and a half months swallowing everything."

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Now Jorge Javier wanted to talk about that final of survivors 2021

Despite this, Jorge Javier Vazquez has taken advantage of the interview of the winner of survivors 2021 a Ana Rosa's program to criticize her contest and talk about her.

The presenter expressed his displeasure at save me. "I haven't gotten over the sadness that Olga Moreno with her lies and sentimental traps won a contest she didn't deserve to win."

She left for Honduras assuring that everything was fine as far as her romantic relationship with Antonio David was concerned. However, it later turned out that this was not the case. "It was a vote of punishment to Rocío Carrasco. Society punished Rocío when it was discovered over time that everything he is explaining is even much worse than we imagined", he explained visibly angry.

Photomontage by Jorge Javier Vázquez and Olga Moreno

| CatalunyaDiari

Since then, the presenter of survivors he can't stand the winner, and she can't stand him. Even she did not want to appear at this year's finale to present the prize to Alejandro Nieto, the new winner of 2022, as is customary.

Jorge is very clear, for him, she was the winner because she used "weapons based on deception and lies". In addition, he charged against her confessing that "she is not good for television". In fact, Jorge confessed that his winner had been Melyssa.

"I no longer like being touched at the age of 52. Olga Moreno is not good for television, not good at all." However, it seems that she will be one of the next collaborators of partythe space presented by Emma Garcia. Although nothing is guaranteed yet, as it was initially believed that he would be working on The Ana Rosa program.

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