Susanna Griso, humiliated by Jaime Cantizano after revealing his big complex

Susanna Gray has thrown a question to your program, public mirrorthat has ended up splashing it. As if it were an old acquaintance from the past, the presenter wanted to escape the comment.

Susanna Gray she has been at the head of the program since 2006. After more than fifteen years presenting this television space, we have met the journalist in each of her versions.

Program after program, Susanna continues to show as she is and thanks to this, her followers can continue to know things about her. This is also possible in the space that allows you to get out of the current news to touch on other topics.

  1. Susanna Griso runs away from a bad name that has tormented her since she was a child
  2. Susanna Griso at the head of Public Mirror

Susanna Griso runs away from a bad name that has tormented her since she was a child

At the panel of collaborators on one of her broadcasts, Susanna brought up one of the topics she least likes: name calling. He was doing so in relation to a current issue in which Prince Henry of England is called Harry by everyone, for which he does not know the apparent reason.

Susanna Gray


"I don't know if you've ever been called a bad name or a nickname. I hate him, please banish Susi", she said a little nervously while gesturing with her hands. "I can't be with him, never, ever since I was a child", confessed the journalist who happened to her, while her guests laughed at the situation caused by herself.

And it is most natural that someone close to a person named Susana, affectionately calls her Susi. "I was angry when they told me...", the presenter admitted.

Contributors recalled when an anchor who worked with her at the network many years ago called her repeatedly. "A presenter who is no longer there", said Roberto Brasero, giving another hint of who he could be.

Jaime Cantizano, then, to tease his table companion, asked her, "don't you like the diminutive Susanita?". To which the rest of the colleagues said that this was "worse".

"I almost prefer Sana, I was called Sana, like an apple. I prefer Sana to Susi", admitted Griso. She was not the only one who had to bring her most hidden secrets to light, but Cantizano also cheered up and confessed that he was called "canillo".

In his neighborhood they had nicknamed the radio announcer that because "he was very thin and ran a lot", although he didn't seem to mind. "It's something very Andalusian." Behind Jaume's comments he felt "cano no, cani", to which he replied no, "cani is something else".

Susanna Griso at the head of Public Mirror

Shortly after graduating as a journalist, Susanna Gray he began his career in the media that was there for Barcelona. Specifically on Radio Catalunya ia TV3. He was there for five years, until in 1998, he signed for Antenna 3chain that has already become his home after more than twenty years of work.

He first started in the news of the channel alongside Matías Prats, although he then joined in 2006 to direct public mirror. He also did other small programs in this same house like Two days and one night.

Little by little, she has made her way to becoming one of the most loyal presenters Antenna 3. He has also had small appearances in some Spanish series like Paco's men, physics or chemistry i The paper house.

In addition, he already has nine awards for his work in front of the camera. Among them stands out the Ondas award, which he won twice for best presenter, and the Nipho award, for professional career.

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